87% Strike Rate!! Trading stats for Week Ending 10/02/13

Stats for last week:

 Highlighted matches have all been successful with my trading strategies(36 out of 41 successful!)

 Open de France:


  1. Roger Vasselin v Ito
  2. Ungur vs Benneteau
  3. Llodra vs Kenny dde Schepper
  4. Paire vs Darcis
  5. Ito vs Stakhovsky
  6. Llodra vs Tipsarevic
  7. Gasquet vs Monfils
  8. Hanescu vs Benneteau
  9. Hajek vs Llodra
  10. Nieminen vs Stakhovsky
  11. Paire vs Simon
  12. Gasquet vs Benneteau
  13. Gasquet vs Nieminen
  14. Llodra vs Paire
  15. Final : Gasquet vs Paire ( I expected  Paire to play well here but he lost easily hence strategy would have been unsuccessful)

 Zagreb Indoors:

  1. Youzhny vs Sijsling
  2. Rosol vs Cipolla
  3. Cilic vs Zemlja
  4. Dodig vs Karlovic (Was a 3 setter but the strategy wouldn’t have worked as Karlovic was never in the lead)! Nevertheless was an excellent scalping market as I predicted!
  5. Rosol vs Melzer
  6. Haase vs Petzchner
  7. Youzhny vs Dodig ( I expected a good fight from Dodig but he was poor from the start hence the trading strategy didn’t work)
  8. Cilic vs Kavcic
  9. Cilic vs Youzhny
  10. Haase vs Melzer
  11. Final: Cilic vs Melzer

 VTR Open:


  1. Naso vs Lorenzi
  2. Monaco vs Rufin (Monaco lost this in 2 sets, however trading wise he started well and his odds reached 1.1) Hence the strategy was successful!
  3. Berlocq vs Giraldo (This match was a 3 setter hence the strategy would have worked in the first or second)
  4. Nadal vs Del Bonis
  5. Ramos vs Volandri
  6. Zeballos vs Andujar
  7. Montanes vs Gimeno (Gimeno winning in 2 made this unsuccessful)
  8. Robredo vs Lorenzi
  9. Berlocq vs Rufin
  10. Ramos vs Zeballos
  11. Nadal vs Gimeno
  12. Chardy vs Lorenzi
  13. Berlocq vs Zeballos ( Strategy would have been less successful as Zeballos was more dominant throughout)
  14. Nadal vs Chardy
  15. Final: Nadal vs Zeballos


That’s my stats for strategies for the 3 tournaments for last week lads!

As you can see, trading wise if you had followed me you would have made money from 36 out of 41 matches!!! That’s a whopping 87% STRIKE RATE!

 Hence, keep following my strategies fellas and be in green ! 😉

Well done to all folks who followed my tips. Please feel free to add your comments!

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  • Peter Posted February 11, 2013 7:21 pm

    Thanks for all your tradingtips I appriciate them alot.

    To bad that I was’nt able to trade to many because I have been sick for more than a week. But hopefully your will post more tradingtips in the future.

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 11, 2013 7:55 pm

      Hi Peter – I’ll be posting more tips tomorrow and for the next few days. Hope you’re feeling better! Patrick.

  • Peter Posted February 11, 2013 7:22 pm

    Keep up the good work that you do

  • Stewart Posted February 11, 2013 8:08 pm

    Thanks for the tips Patrick made some good money mate. Looking forward to your future tips, thanks again.

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 11, 2013 8:14 pm

      No problem at all! My aim is to show that my strategies work! And that tennis trading is a great way to make a living! Thanks for the great comments.

  • Peter Posted February 13, 2013 7:46 pm

    Now I’am fit for fight 😉 And I have been follow you trading tips, thanks for them. It really helps to have them

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