Back Heavy Strategy Ormaechea vs Pereira

ormachea - 1 (1)

This was the market I tipped as BH yesterday to back Ormaechea @1.8
and lay @1.5 vs Pereira.

I backed 23 units here at a lesser odds of 1.6 (I waited a few games
to see both girls serving and returning). After being satisfied,
Ormachea looked more comfortable overall, I backed @1.6. The situation
changed rapidly as after breaking Pereira’s serve, Pereira herself was
looking more comfortable on her serve later. This made me immediately
lay Ormaechea and indeed this brought me in green immediately as
Pereira became the favourite and at one point reached 1.68 lay price
at 5-4 in her favour. I felt Ormachea was stepping it up again so as
soon as it reached 1.85 range I laid this time on Pereira for around
67 units. This worked perfectly as she held on to her game which
eventually went to a tiebreak and won. If she had lost the tie break I
would be in a loss but not a big one. But my green zone would have
definitely looked good with around 20 units or more had she won, which
indeed was what happened.

Moral of this story is, always adapt fast. Don’t think too much, you
have to act at certain times because certain odds would never come
back. You keep thinking you keep hoping with a massive loss scenario
on one side of the market you are likely to get in trouble sooner or
later. So put an acceptable loss and take a very good calculated risk.
Also, bear in mind, I was trading this match live watching it so I had
a good understanding how each player’s game overall was. So choose
matches with live videos more often and never trade heavy on non-live

Thanks for reading!

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