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How Easy It Is To Be a Beginner
In Betfair Tennis Trading

Hi everyone – all existing Betfair traders and those who just want to start doing something on the biggest betting exchange on the Internet – this is another message from me – Paddy from Tennis Trading League!

If you’ve been following my video lessons and have also watched my trading examples on the Betfair Tennis Trading blog, you have a pretty good idea of how simple the Betfair trading can be.

 You have the strategy.

 You have the exact criteria of how to evaluate the tennis matches and pick the qualifiers.

 And you have the exact odds filter and the exit strategies so that it’s all pretty much straightforward.

All that is left for you is to monitor the market and act accordingly to the plan.

The most important part, of course, is the three things I’ve been repeating all over again.

 Firstly – don’t make the traditional gamblers’ mistake and don’t start chasing the losses.

 Secondly – don’t keep the trade open for too long and don’t rely upon your expectations. Once the odds have dropped below the red level – accept the losses, close the trade and move on.

 Thirdly – you need to have a solid trading strategy at hand and you have to stick with it for a good while to see if it works for you.

Yes, it’s all quite simple and if you don’t have some specific attention problem, you should be able to follow my advice and start making steady trading income on Betfair.

Even if you still don’t own my Tennis Trading League Systems, you can copy a few of my trading strategies – two places you should definitely visit if you haven’t done it before are the page about using the break points in Betfair tennis trading and the bonus tennis trading strategy video.

Many of my website’s visitors have started trading on Betfair after watching the above mentioned videos and a good number of them have also purchased the whole Tennis Trading League package to discover a whole lot more.

But that’s not the point that I wanted to make here today.

Today I wanted to tell you about one issue that many of my website’s visitors – and possibly you as well – might have when it comes to using a particular trading strategy in your Betfair trading routine.

I received this e-mail a few weeks ago from Tony:

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the free strategy – after your first videos I was getting myself ready for some action and to my surprise my first trade gave me some profit!

Of course, I understand that there’s so much more to do to make the level of money I want on Betfair, but the start is very promising and I don’t see why trading on tennis wouldn’t bring me potentially a few hundred quid a month.

But I have one question for you, Patrick if you don’t mind.

You’re talking about the importance of having a foolproof exit strategy for moments when something goes wrong and I’m forced to exit the trade accepting some loss. Sure it makes sense and I understand that it would be stupid not to have an exact action plan in place.

But so far what I’ve got from your advice it seems that most of the times you have an exact odds level for exiting the trade. Well, for me it would present the following problem.

It sort of makes me focus on two things simultaneously. One of them is following the match and seeing which player scores the point, whether he’s the favourite and if he serves or receives the serves. To be honest, this alone is quite a lot, and when I have to constantly check the odds level as well, I seem to get lost.

Do you have anything in mind, some kind of a trading strategy for a beginner like me where I wouldn’t have to monitor odds so much but would have some very simple exit strategy at hand?


Well, after reading this e-mail I was thinking for a while and this is what I replied to Tony:

Hi Tony,

I’m glad you’ve got to grips with the tennis trading basics!

And I’ve been thinking about the issue you mentioned in your e-mail. Well, I can understand what you mean by this inability to focus on all the things at the same time.

In my free videos I’m giving away strategies which require a bit faster action unlikely the Race Your Profits and the ChampWinnings systems.
Using those long-term trading strategies you can slowly calculate your needed profit and loss per trade because the difference between the first and the second bets of the trade is at least one game, sometimes even more.

But when trading on the scored points – like scalping, or using similar strategies from my free video lessons, you actually don’t need to monitor the odds level.

The trading is based on the break point’s impact on a certain player’s odds, so you can make big profit if the point is scored compared to a tiny loss if the opposite player scores.

So, Tony, don’t become overwhelmed with all the things that seem to happen at the same time. I suggest at the beginning you focus only on ONE main thing – clicking the mouse as either of the players score after you have backed the respective player. If he breaks – you’ll green out. If he doesn’t – close the trade with a zero profit or a slight loss.


You see? It’s not that hard at all! You just have to slightly change your angle of perception and everything will work out smoothly for you.
But this also made me think about something more.

The things that may seem so simple for me, may not be a piece of cake for someone who’s just starting out with trading tennis on Betfair. Getting to know the tennis basics, setting up the Betfair account, managing the nerves when placing the first bets – it all takes effort and willpower.

 So maybe beginners need something super easy to understand and start with?

 Something that you can’t really go wrong with?

 A Betfair tennis trading strategy that is tried and proved to work yet at the same time would take less than a few minutes to learn?


Well – I decided to give it to you, my dear reader!

During the last few weeks I’ve been trading on matches where the favourite player loses the first set. And it presents many good opportunities if you know the right timing for opening and closing the trade.

You can see an example of such a trade on my blog here.

This strategy is simple, effective and so easy to understand that I think that would be the first thing every beginner could start the Betfair trading with!

But you’ll hear more about it in a few days – I’ll be putting together the video tutorial and if you think I’ll ask big quid for it – you’ll be in a very pleasant surprise!

So stay tuned, and talk to you soon!

As for the EXACT Betfair trading strategies including every single bit of information – odds filters, choosing the right matches, exit strategies and much more, here’s the deal:

You Can Get My Exact Betfair Tennis Trading Strategies For Making EASY Betfair Income – As Well As Complete Odds Fluctuations Analysis, All Possible Odds Movement Scenarios and Tested Exit Strategies RIGHT HERE!

Just follow this link for Tennis Trading Strategies!


Wishing you profitable Betfair tennis trading and betting,

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