Successful Betfair Tennis Trading: Business Approach

Business Approach

Just think about it – isn’t Betfair tennis trading even better than a real business?

 In real life businesses there are many factors which can influence how your particular project performs.

 In tennis trading there’s only one factor – the price of the particular tennis player.

 In business you have to pay taxes.

 In Betfair trading all your income is tax-free.

Financial trading? Well, Betfair tennis trading is much safer than any financial traders can dream about! Many of them would give their left arm to trade on markets where the share price is so predictable!

With all this have said, I guess you understand now how good this opportunity to earn tax-free income is.
Imagine that you have your own small business which is comparatively easy to run, doesn’t require a big initial investment and you have a control over the outcome of the business activities. The best business model one can imagine!

However, don’t take it too easy either. You have to develop a serious business approach towards the Betfair in-play tennis trading and make all the factors – money and risk management, discipline and mental state come together.Of course, no-one can guarantee how big your income is going to be. A lot depends on how well you learn, how diligent you are at acquiring the trading skills and how well you can focus and manage the risk.But no matter how small is your initial lodgment into the Betfair account and how much you make from each trade – don’t take it as a game to kill your free time!

I have received some e-mails from the visitors of my website saying that if they can only earn 70% from the stake in a tennis match – it’s not worth their time. Well – I’d like to point out that this is the way the gamblers think. It’s easy to keep on dreaming about super betting plans which will allow you to earn incredible amount of money and multiple your funds in a matter of days. Or winning a lottery!

However – in the real life the probability of getting struck by a car as you walk to your local convenience shop to buy a lottery ticket is bigger that hitting the jackpot…

Well, thanks for your interest, and may all your efforts of becoming a successful Betfair in-play tennis trader pay hundredfold!

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Wishing you profitable Betfair tennis trading and betting,

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