Successful Betfair Tennis Trading Controlling Emotions

How To Become a Successful Betfair Tennis Trader

Trading in-play tennis matches on Betfair using the Tennis Trading League Systems can be boiled down to a few general factors which impact each other.

 The first factor is the money management. It’s all about how you manage your funds, how you chose your stakes and how you assess when to close the trades.

 The second factor is the strategies and techniques you use when trading on tennis in-play. The Tennis Trading League Systems give you all the necessary information about the odds movement and how you can use it to your advantage. However – it’s up to you which approach you’re going to use when trading tennis on Betfair.

You can trade on long-term price fluctuations. You can also use scalping trading strategies and trade on instant price fluctuations.

But no matter what strategies you’re following you have to understand that controlling your emotions and getting your mindset on the right wave are essential parts of Betfair tennis trading.

Controlling Your Emotions

All right, you have read and watched the Tennis Trading League Systems inside out and you are ready for real trading, aren’t you?

Well, you sign up for the Betfair account, download the BetAngel software and start looking for the right tennis matches to trade on.

After half an hour the tennis match meeting all the criteria is about to start – there’s a clear favorite of the match with odds of 1.3 and you start watching it on the TV and waiting for the right opportunity to place the first bet.

OK, there’s the right one. The receiving under-dog is going to win the game. Accordingly to the Tennis Trading League Systems we could lay the favorite and then wait for the odds to drift out.

Well, the lay bet is taken and you’re waiting on the odds to lengthen. One second, another… The time is ticking away and still the odds have changed only by one increment. You remember the Tennis Trading League Systems telling you that if the under-dog is scoring a game point, the price can actually not move a great deal, but – it’s so annoying, isn’t it?

With a heavy sigh you decide to follow the system and back the favorite for the same price you layed him at and close the trade with a zero profit. But you decide that the next trade certainly has to be the right one!

OK, there it comes – the favorite is going to score a break point. A great opportunity! You successfully place the back bet on the favorite right before the final point is scored. Then the player scores the break point and the odds drop by 9 increments and you secure 8 pound profit using 100 pound stake. “Not too bad” – you think to yourself and with your self esteem increasing you feel that now you’ve become a decent trader!

The match goes on and the under-dog seems to perform very confidently having scored two points in a row. You decide to lay the favorite. However, the price doesn’t want to increase – and you remember that following the system you shouldn’t expect the price to lengthen. Now, as the Tennis Trading League Systems say, you should definitely back the favorite losing only the difference between the back and the lay sides. But you decide not to because the under-dog certainly has to score the next point – he’s performing so well after all!

But the next point is scored by the favorite and the odds actually drop by 1 increment and now the difference between the initial lay and the current back side is 0.02. “Well, it can’t be” – you think, the under-dog is going to score the next point right now, right now… And you look in disbelief as the favorite evens the score by hitting the ball with a powerful forehand and… The difference between the odds is 0.05! Now you are finally forced to exit the trade accepting a loss.

You gather yourself up after this losing trade and watch the tennis match further. The next trade just has to be a winning one!…

Let’s stop here for a while and analyze what was happening during these trades.

First of all – you became emotional. You allowed your emotions take over your rational mind and under such circumstances the decision making is very difficult. Anger, anxiety, fear, excitement, joy, pride, determination to earn money by all means – you’ve got to suppress all these emotions in order to become a successful Betfair trader!

Now you may ask – “but what if I’m a supporter of a particular player? While watching the match I will certainly become emotional!” Well, obviously you have to learn to separate the emotions of supporting a player and the ones that come with the money matters.

You have to look at the BetAngel window and see the odds from the technical point of view. You see – successful traders don’t look at the figures seeing the money. Money is just the end-result that reflects how successful you’ve been during the tennis trading session. You rather have to see the whole picture as a mathematic task that has to be solved.

But – there’s a big difference between doing math and trading tennis on Betfair in-play. If you were rewarded with money prize every time you did sums at school you’d be the best student in the class – that’s for sure! But Betfair tennis trading is different – by trying to earn more and more money you can actually lose even more – if you don’t know how to stop at the right time. Motivation and desire can turn from your drive into your worst enemy.

Excitement is going to blind your ability to assess the risk and get out of the trade at the right time. When you’ve earned some money in a few trades you can’t allow yourself to think that you’re a winner. You see – we all like being winners and the excitement can easily turn into anger if something starts going the wrong direction.

No-one likes being a loser, and this is when the emotions take over all the rational considerations. When you’ve lost some money you become angry and want to prove yourself that you’re not a loser – you’re a winner!

And when you start chasing the money you’ve lost – this is where the emotional issue becomes a gambling related problem.

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