Betfair Tennis Trading French Open 29-May-08

This morning I was “leisure trading” on French Open Women’s singles – didn’t use big stakes but just played around. The price moved exactly as I’ve described in Race Your Profits System – favourite’s odds drifted out way too high and I easily used this in my favour!

Betfair Sports Trading French Open

Here you can see the results in BetAngel Pro:

Betfair Sports Trading French Open

Nice 15 euro while having my breakfast! By the way, my favourite is ‘Denny’s’ black pudding with fried eggs, baked beans and soda bread – delicious! I must tell you.

Oh yes, before I used the strategy very well described in Race Your Profits System, I made a euro from a 10 euro stake – as you can see in the screenshot above.

I layed Pennetta off at 2.2 and backed her at the end of set at 2.44. She lost the first set – and I kinda ‘knew’ it was going to happen. It must be something in my Irish breakfast that makes my creative juices flow!

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