Betfair Tennis Trading On Pennetta vs Savchuk Match

Yesterday I was trading the match between Pennetta and Savchuk at the Rogers Cup tennis tournament. It was a beautiful game and eventually the favourite Pennetta won the match 1-6, 7-5, 6-2.

But as a trader I wasn’t so much interested in supporting Pennetta or Savchuk – (although I have to admit they’re both really good looking girls:-) as in the odds movement during the first set of the match.

Having layed off the favourite at the odds of 1.27 I was following the match and monitoring the market so that the price doesn’t drop too low making my potential loss too big. But as it sometimes happens – the favourite kept on losing nearly all the game points in the first set and I could easily close the trade with 85 euro profit at the odds of 2.6.

A nice trade, isn’t it? However, I didn’t just stop there at that point having closed only one profitable trade. I could predict with a fairly big probability that the favourite player would take revenge if not by winning the whole second set, then at least scoring a break point – and that would do to make it worthwhile.

So having backed the favourite Pennetta at 2.6 for another 150 euro I was monitoring the market closely waiting on the right moment to close the trade.

Of course – if Pennetta kept on losing and the odds went against me, I’d have to accept a loss. But as expected she scored a break point and I could lay her again for 173 euro at the odds of 1.5 and make another 73 euro profit.

So the overall trading profit on Pennetta vs Savchuk match was 158 euro – and I could take a rest having my evening pint:-)

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