Betfair Tennis Trading Stats 21st July 2013

1. Fognini v Del Bonis: Successful early on (This did hit
the target very early on in the first set. However, what a match for
trading! Del Bonis probably deserved to win this more and it was a
shame he didn’t. Fognini has proved the unlikely winner again in
Germany. Who would have predicted that for him twice!!)

2. Hlavackova v Meusberger: Successful (A tough first setter for
Meusberger but since then it was pretty much straightforward!)

Falla vs Karlovic match isn’t considered as no odds were given.
However, Karlovic odds definitely jumped to around 2.25 region early
on from around 1.8 which would have got your target of 30 decimals
rather quickly.

Overall: 2 / 2 Successful = 100% (Both were low stakes matches)

Good luck for the new tournaments!

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