Betfair Tennis Trading Stats Fri 10th May

1. Andujar v Nishikori: Unsuccessful

A shock upset here as Nishikori had tons of chances to break Andujar
in the first set and he didnt. Ended up losing the first set and doing
the same in the second.

2. Wawrinka v Tsonga: Successful

3. Makarova v Errani: Successful

4. Kerber v Ivanovic : Successful easily


Murray v Berdych: Unsuccessful

This was a huge disappointment as we missed our target by around 2
decimals I think. Murray was the far better player in the first set
and had tons of break points. Berdych had a couple and once he broke
back Murray, he looked more confident. Murray has only himself to
blame for the loss here as this should have been a comfortable win in
his favour I felt!

The odds here hit 1.42 but never quite went down as Murray just
couldn’t hold on to his game points after breaking Berdych. Very
disappointing indeed!


The Nadal v Ferrer match is made void due to the fact that Ferrer won
the first set instead of Nadal. I did point out a chance for a shock
upset and what a chance it was. Ferrer honestly should have won this
match in 2 as he seemed to read Rafa’s serves much better as time went
on. But again, you can only say you have beaten Rafa on Clay after you
do it! Great quality match eventhough Ferrer was blown away in the

Overall: 3 / 5 Successful = 60%

BH was a loss today but we were very unlucky as it missed the target
by literally 2 decimals. That’s hugely unfortunate!


  • roberto martolini Posted May 11, 2013 6:41 pm

    the back heavy tip was succesful for me because i backed murray a few minutes before the start when he was at 1,95, then i placed the stop profit around 45 ticks down like you suggested ..the price moved like you predicted, probably it’s better to wait till the last minutes before the start, when possible..

    • Patrick Ross Posted May 12, 2013 7:16 am

      Hi Roberto

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed I’m pleased you got better odds
      and that you traded out slightly earlier.

      I only put it as unsuccessful as it is possible some traders
      waited for the 1.4 lay price to get matched and that never hit which
      is rather disappointing – I’m pretty sure it hit 1.42.

      Well I hope most of them profited and were slightly more flexible and
      decided to cash out early like you!

      Well done again and I hope you are pleased with the service overall.


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