Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Fri 10th May


Friday’s Tips:

All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change:

1. 15:30 – Andujar v Nishikori :

Back Nishi @1.31, lay @1.15

2. 20:15 – Wawrinka v Tsonga:

Back Wawrinka @1.73, lay @1.45

A very possible 3 setter!

3. 14:00 – Makarova v Errani:

Back Errani @1.61, lay @1.4

4. 15:15 – Kerber v Ivanovic

Back Ivanovic @1.9, lay @1.6


5. 19:00 – Murray v Berdych

BH on Murray @1.85, lay @1.4

I feel rather confident on this match. If Murray loses the first set
like today, keep his side to a minimal loss as he can storm back and
win this.

Extra tip:

14:15 – Nadal v Ferrer:

This is a tip I’m giving assuming that Rafa has already won the first
set. Hence, guessing his odds to be in the 1.03 range after the first
set (its 1.11 before the match), give a lay price of 1.01 and 1.02 in
advance for 50 units and back price at 1.4. That is almost a 40
decimal difference. The liability would be around 1.5 units here which
is definitely worth risking!

There is a slight chance we may see a shock upset tomorrow!

I’ll consider this as successful only if it jumps from 1.02 to 1.4.
Else I’ll deem it as void. Hope that’s fair..

Good luck for today!

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  • Patrick Ross Posted May 10, 2013 6:25 pm

    Had a great question from a member via mail today that I want to share with everyone – it’s about the Ivanovic-Kerber match.

    Q: hi:-) i have some questions about this match: this should be a very tight match and probably kerber will be extra motivated after her previous unlucky match in fed cup against ivanovic, where in the first set she was up 3-1 40-15. so if i back ivanovic and kerber takes the lead do you suggest to wait and eventually lay kerber if she wins the first set or take the loss?
    kerber has a good first service and a weak second ball so probably the percentage of first service can make the difference in this match
    if possible i’d like to know your opinion, you’re more experienced than me so you probably consider other aspects
    thank you for your answer

    Answer: Great question indeed.

    First of all, I’ve put this as a low stakes match.
    This indeed could be very tight and there is a risk of Kerber
    dominating from early on as you mentioned about her last loss to
    Ivanovic. However here are the reasons why I put Ivanovic to be backed

    Firstly, its clay, the only grandslam she has won in. Secondly, she
    starts pretty well and her serves are pretty spot on and honestly are
    hard to read as she does it with great speed. Finally its the present
    form. She honestly hasn’t been outplayed recently in a big tournament
    other than Radwanska in the Aussie Open. Even in the last tournament
    she lost to Sharapova in a tight 3 setter, who eventually won it.
    Basically, these stats suggests she is definitely one of the dark
    horses for the French Open outright coming up soon.

    Now about Kerber. The only thing I feel bad about Kerber is actually
    her serve. She’s got the fitness, her shots are pretty spot on as a
    southpaw. But her serves can be very poor at times and she did show a
    certain element of laziness in her last game.

    I like both these players personally but I feel it may come down to
    ENDURANCE at the end of it all. Hence if it goes to a 3rd set, I think
    Kerber will win it, which would mean Ana is more likely to dominate at
    the start.

    Now to your question, if Kerber starts off better and does win the
    first set, I suggest you leave the trade on for a few more games, at
    least 3! Remember I am advising this only because its a low stake
    match. If the stake is too much, you should obviously trade out after
    the first or even before if you spot something that is ruining
    Ivanovic’s game.

    Also, if Ivanovic herself storms into a lead and the odds shrink from
    1.9 to 1.25 or something around that after the first set, you should
    definitely lay Ana. It’s very likely this maybe a 3 setter!

    I hope I answered your questions. Patrick.

    Just wanted to share with anyone who might have similar questions. Like I always say, don’t be shy. Ask and your question will be answered!

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