Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Fri 7th June French Open Day 13


French Open Day 13

Friday’s Tips:

All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change:

1. 12:00 – Rafa v Djokovic

This Semi Final was pretty much on the cards even before the
tournament started. Both have played extremely well and have been
aggressive in the past few matches. For me Djokovic does have a chance
today but only if his serves are consistent. However, they have been
so far, so I won’t be surprised if he becomes the second player to
repeat Robin Soderling’s feat!

It’s a huge shame however that these two players ended up on the same
side of the draw as this should have been a final! The eventual winner
of this match for me will win the title.

Hence I have two tips for this match:

The first one is the Outright. It is 3 on Djokovic now. I feel as this
match goes on, the outright price on him will drop at some stage.
Hence back Djokovic @3. The stakes are entirely left to you but don’t
go heavy as that can be risky! The lay price can be in the 1.8 region.
It is possible that may get matched. However you’ve to give the price
in advance!

Now to the main tip.

As I see this match, I feel Djokovic possibly winning the first set.
For me, the first set is absolutely crucial in this match. If Djokovic
loses the set, it is less likely he may win the match. He has to be
aggressive from the very start and from what I’ve seen of him so far I
expect him to fire all cannons straight at Rafa.

Hence Lay Rafa@1.69, back @1.9

I am going to give some extra case scenarios for this match as I will
be trading on this match as well. First of all, if Djokovic takes a 2
set lead, immediately lay him!
There is a good chance this could be one of the best clay court
matches ever in recent times. Hence consider a 5th set. Hence, whoever
gets to a 2 – 1 set lead should be laid I feel.

Now the worst case scenario. If indeed Rafa storms to a 2 set lead,
lay him anyways eventhough it may look hopeless on Djokovic. Djoko
almost came back from 2-0 last year but was interrupted by rain. Hence
be bold in laying Rafa at any low odds.

Sorry for the long write up, but I feel it is a very
important match and very likely to be a classic!!

2. 12:00 Womens Doubles – Makarova / Vesnina v Hlavackova /Hradecka

Back Makarova/Vesnina@1.64, lay@1.45

3. 13:15 – Ferrer v Tsonga

By form, Ferrer has been the better player and hence the odds are
right. Tsonga however has looked mentally very strong and should have
been in last year’s finals. Hence he will do everything to win this
match! Also beating Federer could help him with some confidence!

However, backing Ferrer seems better for me at the start.

Back Ferrer@1.76, lay@1.5

If Ferrer wins the first set, consider laying him immediately!

This could be another classic 5 setter!

4. 14:00 – Womens Doubles: Errani/Vinci v Petrova/Srebotnik

Back Errani/Vinci@1.6, lay@1.3

A great day for trading I am hoping. I am predicting a 5 setter in
Djokovic match and Tsonga coming back to beat Ferrer. That’s my
personal opinion though. So let’s see what happens…

No BH today as there are risks involved in both the 2 matches.
However, if there is liquidity in the Errani/Vinci match, I feel that
is worth considering for BH.

Good luck for all the 4 matches…

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