Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Results Sat 25th May Cornet v Hradecka: Successful ( I was over impressed with Cornet’s
game just in time for french open. If she plays as consistently as she
has done in this tournament she definitely has a chance to get through
a few rounds!)

2. Nieminen v Monaco: Unsuccessful (Monaco was the better man and
thoroughly deserved this tournament in the end.)

3. Montanes v Monfils: Successful easily (Another player who is
showing amazing form right before French open!)


4. Oprandi v Peng: Successful

If you’re wondering why I’m making this successful, here’s why.

The back price I’d given as 1.58 and laying @1.3 has around 30 decimal
By delaying this match atleast one game, you would have got a price of
2 (that’s right!) on Oprandi early on which would have meant trading
out at 30 decimals less was easily achieved. In fact it hit 1.4 which
is a 60 decimal swing. Point is, at the end of the day BH are all
about chasing the ticks and this was easily possible by just delaying
the trade, something which I have always advised. Hence it’s only fair
to make this successful!

5. Kanepi v Hampton: Successful

So many chances early on in the game for Kanepi to break and again
this would have worked at the end of the first set even though she got
broken in the 11th game. But once she won the first set, it was pretty
much one-way traffic as I had foreseen!


4 / 5 Successful = 80%

BH = 2 / 2 = 100%

Our next goal is beating the French Open markets from tomorrow…
watch the tips very closely, especially my tips on Outrights…

Good luck!

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