Betfair Tennis Trading tips Results/Stats Mon 8th July Beck v Majeric: Successful (was given as possible BH option)

2. Arrubarena v Larsson: Successful (This was successful very early on
in the second game of the match)

3. Blake v Mannarino: Unsuccessful

4. Levine v Sugita: Successful (In my many years of Betfair trading
I’vent witnessed anything as I did in this match. 7 and I mean 7
consecutive breaks in the second set!!!!. What a match and what a
market to trade!)

5. Garcia v Dentoni: Successful (suggested for BH. Another cracker
here. Garcia instead of finishing this match in 2 sets never quite
recovered after she lost the second!)

I’m omitting the Bachinger match as specific odds weren’t given. It’s
worth noting that he did win the first set and hence the strategy
would have worked..

Overall: 4 / 5 Successful = 80%


  • roberto martolini Posted July 10, 2013 8:36 am it possible to have some example with real money? i’d like to bet with 200 euros stake for BH and 50 for the could be useful to have some examples with total green and red, a couple of days it’s enough,obviously days with a strike rate lower than 100% 🙂
    thank you very much!

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 11, 2013 7:22 am

      Hi Roberto

      I’ve been asked the same question many times about examples with real money. The
      example really doesn’t matter as the lay stake changes with odds. For
      example backing 200 for BH at odds of 1.8 and laying @ 1.5 is
      different from backing @1.6 and laying @1.3. If you are using a
      platform to trade, you can automatically green out with the click of a

      The profit you want is always your decision but I suggest setting a
      target for the day and sticking to that plan as a good money
      management system.

      I always advise people to trade out early if they are not sure how the
      market will react. However I do
      not recommend going big with early matches in the tournaments.

      BH tips will follow in the coming days..


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