Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Stats 23rd July

3/4 Hot Tips spot on!!

1. Fish v Russell: Successful

2. Istomin v Lacko: Successful

3. Ram v Donskoy: Not verified yet (possibly successful in the very first game)

4. Vasselin v Hewitt: Not verified yet (possibly successful early on
as Vasselin was the better player at the start)

5. Sock v Giraldo: Unsuccessful

6. Peer v Kremen: Unsuccessful (Peer stormed back to win this but she
started poor!)

7. Plyskova v Dolonc: Successful

8. Linette v Cohen: Unsuccessful

9. Gimeno v De Schepper: Successful

10. Garcia Lopez v Ungur: Successful

11. Brown v Hanescu: Unsuccessful (Eventhough Hanescu won , he became
the underdog at one stage in the first set. However once he won the
first set he was definitely the better player!)

12. Brands v Chiundinelli: Unsuccessful

13. Robredo v Hajek: Unsuccessful

14. U.Radwanska v Mc Hale: Should be graded tomorrow

15. Wickmayer v Hantuchova: Unsuccessful

Overall: 5 / 12 Successful , That’s not our best day as its under 50%. In fact I think it might be our worst day in a few months. However, don’t despair as it’s early in the week and they were all low stake matches.

However, the key story is 3 out 4 Hot Tip results were spot on.

I specifically warned about Fish today, this one match was enough to
get a decent profit even if you missed everything else!

Good luck tomorrow!

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