Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Stats 23rd May Flipkens v Hampton: Successful

2. Stephens v Peng: Unsuccessful

3. Lepchenko v Kanepi: To be played tomorrow

4. Bouchard v Tatishvili: Unsuccessful

5. Cornet v Scheepers: Successful

6. Pella v Troicki: Successful

7. Nieminen v Haas: Walkover

8. Querrey v Roger Vasselin: Unsuccessful (Tip however was right as
Roger did win this in 3)

9. Montanes v Mathieu: Unsuccessful (Montanes was in super form)


10. Oprandi v Zheng: Unsuccessful (Unfortunately this was unsuccessful
but you can see why I tipped it as Zheng did come back to win the 2nd
and the price actually did hit our 1.85 at some stage in this match)

11. Hradecka v Larsson: To be played tomorrow

12. Monaco v Kamke: Successful easily

13. Hajek v Sijsling: Successful easily

14. Simon v Andujar: Unconfirmed (There is a chance this may have hit
our price in the 4th game of this match as Simon had 3 break points. I
have yet to confirm this hence. Overall Andujar was the better player
for the simple reason that Simon’s break point conversion rate was 14%
or 1 of 7. That’s pretty poor!)

Overall: 4 of the 14 matches were not considered

Of the 10, 5 were successful. That’s only a 50 %

However, the main stat was the BH where, out of 3, 2 were spot on!

Good luck for tomorrow!

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