Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Stats 7th May Fognini v Youzhny: Unsuccessful (I am going to make this
unsuccessful eventhough Fognini’s odds hit less than 1.4 due to the
fact he lost the first set. A very trade-able match!)

2. Giraldo v Klizan: Unsuccessful (A shock upset here for me as Klizan
have been very consistent on Clay recently!)

3. Paire v Souza: Unsuccessful (Unfortunately this was pretty much
straight forward in Paire’s favour)

4. Tipsarevic v Monaco: Successful (Tipsarevic started brightly but
once Monaco changed gears, there was only one winner!)

5. Troicki v Granollers: Successful (Troicki started poor but was
definitely the better player!)

6. Raonic v Verdasco: Unsuccessful (I’ve to put this as unsuccessful
as our strategy missed early in the first set by a few decimal places)

However, here’s the fact. Pretty much everything was spot on about my
prediction in relation to how this match would turn out. I expected
Verdasco to play very well and indeed he did and rightly deserved to
win this in a tough 3 setter! Great match!

7. Djokovic v Dmitrov: Successful

(A tough one to lay Djokovic but I was right this time as Dmitrov no
doubt is a real threat to anyone in the draw now! Watch out for Baby
Federer !)

8. Mladenovic v Kirilenko : Not considered (Match to be played later today)

9. Shvedova v Flipkens: Successful (Suggested for BH)

10. Cibulkova v Lisicki: Successful (As predicted Lisicki was the
better player and did win in 2!)

11. Kuznetsova v Petrova: Successful (Strategy did work towards the
end of the first set but I was a bit surprised by the result as I felt
Petrova would have stolen it! Still, it was a cracking match !)


12. Torro Flor v Bartoli: Unsuccessful (Unfortunately this missed our
target by around 10 decimals. Torro Flor did become favourite
after getting broken first but she honestly didn’t play at her best.
Credit to Bartoli who was the better player in the 3rd set!)

Considered matches: 11

Successful : 6 / 11 = 55 %

Not our best day but its still early days in the tournament. Hence, I
am confident we will pick it up in the coming days!

Good luck for tomorrow!

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