Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Stats Sat 4th May Ferrer v Seppi: Unsuccessful (Unfortunately Seppi was completely
outplayed from the start which made this unsuccessful!)

2. Pavlyu v Suarez Navarro: Successful


3. Haas v Dodig: Successful

4. Kohli v Brands: Unsuccessful (Unfortunately this seemed to go away
from us in the 3rd set and meant you had to trade out if you were in a
loss but still, keeping a bit of faith in Kohli would have meant you
still wouldn’t have lost much. There were definitely opportunities to
trade in Kohli’s favour after the first set but I should admit I was
surprised by Brands’ game overall. I wouldn’t have expected him to
serve that well for a 3 set duration. The tip on Kohli however proved
right in the end but strategy unfortunately failed!)

Overall: 2 / 4 = 50%

BH = 1 / 2

BH Results: 2 / 2 (yet again the results seem to work in our favour
eventhough the strategies seem to fail early on!)

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