Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Sunday 19th May


Sunday’s Tips:

Times = UK/Irish

1. 12:30 – Serena v Azarenka:

This is worth laying on Serena as Aza has definitely played good.
However, I expect Serena to start better which would mean laying her
at a low price would be better. A possible 3 setter here!

Back Serena@1.28, lay@1.1

2. 15:00 – Rafa v Roger

It’s about time we saw the legends face off after a long absence in a final.

Should be great to watch but I don’t see Rafa losing!

Back Rafa@1.28, lay@1.1

I feel it should be fair and simple as I expect both favourites to
come out on top!

Good luck for both matches…

Some folks have asked why I call the tips ‘Betfair Tennis Trading Tips’ and have asked if the tips can be used on other betting exchanges. I use Betfair for all my trading because Betfair has the best liquidity. All of my prices are taken from Betfair.
Betfair Tennis Trading gives you the best opportunities to make profits. You can use the trading tips on other sites – there may be small price differences – but these should not matter. If you decide to use a site other that Betfair for trading, make sure that the liquidity is there.
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  • ERIBERTO MARCOS Posted May 19, 2013 10:33 am

    where can I find the Rafa v Roger match, seems I cant find it. Please reply asap.

  • ERIBERTO MARCOS Posted May 19, 2013 12:25 pm

    I think the name of the player that you have given is a nickname that you yourself Sir can understand, please understand that not every member that you have will know this. Please give the complete name of the players and the match tournament if possible to prevent this confusion…..

    • Patrick Ross Posted May 19, 2013 3:24 pm

      Hi Eriberto

      Thanks for your comment…

      Firstly, if there are tennis traders who haven’t heard the name of
      Rafa or Roger, I am not quite sure why they are taking tips from me!
      Lol. I would be seriously shocked if Rafa v Roger is such a
      ‘confusion’ as you have pointed out, to the majority of my visitors.

      We have been following only the Italia Open Tournament for the past
      week and there is only one ATP match which is the final. It is obvious
      hence. I do not think that is something concerning. I would more be
      more than happy to refer them to the Wikipedia site of Rafa or Roger
      if they have never heard of them. By the way we are talking about two
      of the greatest players of tennis. Hence, if they don’t know about
      them and are coming to trade on tennis, I honestly don’t know what to

      Anyways, thanks for your comment indeed but I don’t find it
      confusing..Indeed I’d like to know who else was confused… 😉

      Good luck mate..

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