Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Tues 11th June


Tuesday’s Tips:

All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change:


1. 12:30 – Kuznetsov v Istomin:

Back Istomin@1.4, lay@1.18

2. 12:30 – Mannarino v Benneteau

Back Benneteau @1.41, lay@1.2

(Could be a 3 setter hence lay Benneteau if he wins the first set easily!)

3. 12:30 – Rosol v Groth

Back Rosol @1.44, lay@1.2

4. 13:45 – Becker v Tomic

Lay Tomic@1.82, back@2.1

5. 13:45 – Nieminen v Harrison

Back Nieminen@1.85, lay@1.55

6. 16:15 – Giraldo v Dolgopolov

Lay Dolgopolov@1.7, back@1.85

AEGON Womens:

7. 11:00 – Hlavackova v Puchkova

Back Hlavackova@1.42, lay@1.2

8. 11:00 – Moore v Mladenovic

Back Mladenovic@1.23, lay@1.1

9. 11:00 – Putintseva v Wickmayer:

Back Wickmayer@1.65, lay@1.4

(This could be one of the best money makers if it goes to a 3rd, hence
consider laying Wickmayer at very low odds if the possibility arises!)

10. 12:15 – Dellacqua v Hantuchova

Back Hantu@1.53, lay@1.3

11. 12:15 – Nara v Konta

Back Konta@1.65, lay@1.3

12. 12:15 – Sanchez v Cepelova

Lay Cepelova@1.86, back@2.2

13. 13:30 – Watson v Czink

Back Watson@1.68, lay@1.4

14. 14:45 – Riske v Paszek

Back Riske@1.63, lay@1.4

Gerry Weber OPEN ATP:

15. 11:00 – Kamke v Kubot

Lay Kubot@1.95, back@2.25

16. 11:00 – Monfils v Raonic

Back Raonic@1.54, lay@1.2

17. 12:15 – Stebe v Wang

Back Stebe@1.61, lay@1.3

18. 13:30 – Baghdatis v Gulbis

Lay Gulbis@1.57, back@1.8

Nurnberger WTA:

19. 9.30 – Duque Marino v Dominguez

Lay Duque@1.99, back@2.2

20. 9.30 – Torro Flor v Pereira

Back Torro@1.55, lay@1.25

21. 10:45 – Minella v Pegula

Lay Pegula@1.95, back@2.2

22. 12:00 – Knapp v Pfinzenmaier

Back Pfinzenmaier@1.75, lay@1.5

23. 12:15 – Goerges v Cadantu

Back Goerges@1.57, lay@1.4

Possible 3 setter and be bold in laying Goerges at low odds!

24. 13:15 – Hercog v Zakopalova

Lay Hercog@1.76, back@2

25. 17:00 – Petkovic v Arvidsson

Lay Petkovic@1.2, back@1.45 (Keep the stakes low here!)

Hot tips: Rosol, Nieminen, Mladenovic, Hantuchova, Stebe, Torro Flor
and Zakopalova…

Good luck for all the 25 matches. Delay and trade as always!

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Some folks have asked why I call the tips ‘Betfair Tennis Trading Tips’ and have asked if the tips can be used on other betting exchanges. I use Betfair for all my trading because Betfair has the best liquidity. All of my prices are taken from Betfair.
Betfair Tennis Trading gives you the best opportunities to make profits. You can use the trading tips on other sites – there may be small price differences – but these should not matter. If you decide to use a site other that Betfair for trading, make sure that the liquidity is there.
If you’re unsure about what liquidity is required, see question 17 on my FAQ section at

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