Betfair Tennis Trading Tips – Wimbledon Day 10 Thursday 4th July

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Wednesday’s Tips:

Welcome everyone to Day 10 of Wimbledon.

I’m going to add a few extras for Wimbledon. This would include tips to lay 3-0
Set Winners and also Handicap markets which are worth considering.

The 3-0 Set Lay tips would be displayed in short form as ‘3 LAY’
The Handicap Market would be displayed as ‘HCAP’

Take one tip at a time and focus on that for
your trades. As usual, stick to the HOT TIPS more! For the first few
days, we will follow the norm in tips, but after the second round starts,
we will have Back Heavy and some other new strategies as mentioned.

On to the tips for today…

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All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change:

Men’s Doubles:

1. 12:45 – Paes/Stepanek v Dodig/Melo

I’ve to say I was pretty impressed by Dodig and Melo as a pair today!

Lay Paes/Stepanek@1.59, back@1.75

If Paes/Stepanek runs away with the match consider 3 LAY (if there is
liquidity). Also consider laying them at very low odds!

Women’s Semis:

2. 13:00 – Bartoli v Flipkens

Lay Bartoli@1.71, back@2.1

Bartoli looked good last time against Stephens but I still wonder if
her game can be that consistent again. Credit to her for reaching
Semi’s but this one will be a tougher match for her!

Definitely consider laying the first set winner here!

If Flipkens wins the first set and storms to a good lead, consider
laying her at low odds of 1.01 – 1.05! A candidate for match
of the day!

3. 14:15 – Lisicki v Radwanska

As last time, I predict Lisicki to start well. But this time, I feel
Radwanska might produce a shock comeback!

Back Lisicki@1.72, lay@1.45

Consider Laying Lisicki at any odds below 1.3

If Lisicki has won the first set easily, give an advance price for
e.g. ‘lay @1.16, back@1.5’

No BH or LH again today as there are risks involved in both matches.
If I had to pick one BH, it would be the Flipkens match.

It’s likely both these matches may end in 3 sets. Consider
that possibility throughout your trading sessions. I wouldn’t be
surprised if there is a 1.01 shocker again tomorrow!!

Good luck as always!

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Some folks have asked why I call the tips ‘Betfair Tennis Trading Tips’ and have asked if the tips can be used on other betting exchanges. I use Betfair for all my trading because Betfair has the best liquidity. All of my prices are taken from Betfair.
Betfair Tennis Trading gives you the best opportunities to make profits. You can use the trading tips on other sites – there may be small price differences – but these should not matter. If you decide to use a site other that Betfair for trading, make sure that the liquidity is there.
If you’re unsure about what liquidity is required, see question 17 on my FAQ section at


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