Betfair Tennis Trading Tips – Wimbledon Day 9 Wednesday 3rd July

Wednesday’s Tips:

Welcome everyone to Day 9 of Wimbledon.

I’m going to add a few extras for Wimbledon. This would include tips to lay 3-0
Set Winners and also Handicap markets which are worth considering.

The 3-0 Set Lay tips would be displayed in short form as ‘3 LAY’
The Handicap Market would be displayed as ‘HCAP’

Take one tip at a time and focus on that for
your trades. As usual, stick to the HOT TIPS more! For the first few
days, we will follow the norm in tips, but after the second round starts,
we will have Back Heavy and some other new strategies as mentioned.

On to the tips for today…

All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change:

1. 13:00 – Djokovic v Berdych

Superb Djoko will NOT lose today. Enough said!

Back Djoko@1.14, lay@1.07

You can consider this for BH if you wish. But as I’ve mentioned in some of my articles, I’m not a huge fan of Backing Heavy at such low odds.

2. 13:00 – Ferrer v Del Potro

Back Ferrer@1.73, lay@1.45

A possible 5 setter here. Be bold in laying either player on very low
odds. We’ve yet to see a decent comeback in the mens with 2 quality
players! This could be that match!

3. 14:30 – Kubot v Janowicz

Another 5 setter possible here.

Laying Jano at the start maybe better!

Lay Jano@1.24, back@1.5

Keep the stakes low for the first set. Be bold in laying either player
on very low odds as that could end up extremely profitable!

4. 14:30 – Verdasco v Murray

I don’t see any problems for Murray here personally.

Back Murray@1.09, lay@1.02

It’s only worth backing Murray if the odds get too high. If for some
reason Verdasco has won the first set and is up a break in the second,
don’t think! Back Murray immediately!!

MENS DOUBLES (Watch out for Liquidity!)

5. 12:45 -Dodig/Melo v Blake/Melzer

Blake and Melzer have played really well in the doubles so far. It’s
definitely worth backing them here. The odds are around 1.7 here at
the moment. If you’re unsure about the liquidity required see question 17 in the FAQ Section

Back Blake/Melzer@1.7, lay@1.4

WOMENS Doubles:

None of the matches are properly priced this morning. Provided there is liquidity,
trade by backing the team I’ve suggested as follows:

A) 11.30 – Back Petrova/Srebotnik to beat Groenefeld/Peschke

B) 11.30 – Back Jankovic/Baroni to beat Hsieh/Peng

C) 12.45 – Back Hlavackova/Hradecka to beat Barty/Dellacqua (possible 3 setter here!)

D) 14.00 – Back Goerges/Strycova to beat Aoyama/Scheepers

(Please note the above are tips without prices so none of them
will be counted for the stats)

I’ve opted out of BHing today as the odds are too low on high staking
and I feel it’s not worth it. However, I am still confident on
Djokovic and Murray to get through!

Good luck!

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Some folks have asked why I call the tips ‘Betfair Tennis Trading Tips’ and have asked if the tips can be used on other betting exchanges. I use Betfair for all my trading because Betfair has the best liquidity. All of my prices are taken from Betfair.
Betfair Tennis Trading gives you the best opportunities to make profits. You can use the trading tips on other sites – there may be small price differences – but these should not matter. If you decide to use a site other that Betfair for trading, make sure that the liquidity is there.
If you’re unsure about what liquidity is required, see question 17 on my FAQ section at


  • Victor Romaniv Posted July 3, 2013 7:01 am

    Hello Spartans, I am new here, so I want to ask a couple of questions.

    If I use Fairbot, is it possible to trade several matches, as I see there are selections at the same time?

    Women Doubles: there are without prices, does it mean we just back the selections, doing no trading?

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 3, 2013 7:32 am

      Hi Victor,
      I’m sorry those tips aren’t priced. I had to leave home very early this morning on family business..
      I will do my best to answer queries on my mobile today when they arise! In the women’s doubles, you can give a lay price of around 30 decimals below. So for example, if the back price is 1.7, lay at 1.4.
      If matches start at the same time, I would advise choosing one match to trade. It doesn’t really matter which one!
      Remember Victor, as you’re new, keep your stakes low until you get a feel for the matches and trades. Use max 10% stakes for today.

  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted July 3, 2013 7:29 am

    As to womens outrights. Yesterday after Radwa disposed of Li her odds were at 4.7.
    Lisicki’s were already low so it was good strategy to back Radwanska while Kvitova was still due to play. Radwa’s odds went from 4.7 to 3.7 after Kvitova’s loss.
    Today we have Ferrer and Potro with 44 and 32 now playing first each other.
    What happens after one is left and maybe Murray has a problem? If Verdasco serves
    well then as suggested is good idea to back Murray later. Good luck.

  • Victor Romaniv Posted July 3, 2013 7:29 am

    Should I place bets immediately after I received selections? I understand odds can go down if I wait till pre-match period.

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 3, 2013 10:48 am

      Hi Victor, please read the article on how to use the tips. You will find that artice and a list of other useful articles at the bottom of each days tips. You can place before or after the match starts. As you mentioned, you might get a worse price after the match has started but it can mean less risk.

  • Michael Course Posted July 3, 2013 11:32 am

    Hi patrick i have heard news that ferrer left a practice session early this morning due to injury, unconfirmed but would that change your opinion?

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 3, 2013 12:44 pm

      Sorry for the late reply! The match is advised as low stakes so that might not have changed my view at the start. However, del potro has started stronger so your news might be right. Proceed with caution.

  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted July 3, 2013 8:25 pm

    As to Potro match backing n laying off the winner – see my suggestions from earlier post – brought some green for outrights. Even before Murray match started Potro odds hit 17 when i managed to lay him off and hit as low as 12 due to Murray struggle. Funny that somebody brought up Ferrer injury issues after what happened at the beginning of d match after med treatment to Potro. It looked like another withdrawal foe some time and his outright hit 120 at some point and quickly went down to 50 territory. I backed at 85 and got out at 50. So Potro match turned extremely profitable for some. Murray’s odds were ridiculously low after he was 0-2 down. I guess Brits are really starved for a champion. It was a close call but he prevailed. Because im Polish im going to put my money on Jano and Patrick please stop suggesting Lay/Back him all d time hehe. How about vice versa in semi. Now when we look at ladies situation we have Bartoli at 5.3 and Flipkens at 8.8 as of now and i can see similar scenario like in Potro match. Their combined odds are at 7 now and if one of them goes 2 final she will have sub 4 odds for sure. Do the math – im backing both… Anything lower than 7 its profit anyway. Just providing other hints and not meaning to take over Patrick’s job hehe. Good luck.

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 4, 2013 6:56 am

      Indeed well done Mariuz for getting high odds on Del Potro. However
      let me suggest you trading some of the profits out already because
      Djokovic is no Ferrer. There is extra reason to back Djokovic and that
      is his loss to Del Potro in the Olympics. He will be desperate to beat
      Del Potro and go to the Final. It’s obviously not the easiest of
      matches but as it stands, if I pick one player in the Outright it
      would be Murray. Odds of 3 on Murray looks really big for me. It
      should be less than 2.7. Hence backing big on him is the right
      strategy especially now that it is the Semis.

      In relation to your home player Janowicz, indeed well done to him as
      he definitely deserved getting here so far. However, to beat Murray he
      has to be extremely good defensively which I don’t think he is. If his
      serves crack, that pretty much will be game set match for Murray. Andy
      on the other hand is an overall player and he will always find a way
      to fix things. It’s also worth noting that today’s match against Kubot
      was a very harsh scoreline. Kubot played really well I thought, and
      the only reason he wasn’t in this match at all was the fact he
      couldn’t convert any of his 6 break points. That is not likely to
      happen against Murray. However I wish you good luck for Jano. I
      personally wouldn’t recommend him for the outright though. Murray
      seems the logical outright for me for now in the Mens.

      In the Women’s I’ve to say we were rather unlucky with all the tips
      I’ve given. Kerber should have defeated Kanepi easily and she lost. Li
      definitely had her chances and so did Kvitova. As it stands, Radwanska
      and Flipkens would be my choice of players. I still feel Lisicki might
      choke in one of her future matches. Bartoli is very unpredictable but
      Flipkens knocking out Kvitova after starting badly for me was a huge
      shock. Hence she maybe the best price at 8.6 !

      Well done to Poland today for having 2 guys in the quarters. You still
      got Aga left. Maybe you can tell us all what is with the Poles that
      they are dominating tennis these days??


  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted July 4, 2013 7:21 am

    Patrick, the Poles are far from dominating. Janowicz is just an unpredictable player with atomic serve and Kubot was always hovering in 50-100 area in rankings. Jano just has an outside chance against Murray. If he holds easily for few games then who knows. Radwanska is just one established player but the pressure is on her now to win. Its maybe her best ever shot at title because all the 3 top seeds lost. But she can handle pressure. If she can handle Lisicki’s power thats another story.

  • john knight Posted July 4, 2013 9:13 am

    Facinating opinions,and all differing here, its djok for me by a country mile, as i said previously he is a notch up on murry at the moment, it would take a lot to beat him.I actually think Del Potro has more of a chance to be honest based on power and serve, and more importantly momentum, the last time he was in this kind of form he won the us open….Dark horse maybe.

  • john knight Posted July 4, 2013 9:15 am

    If you look at the second serve stats on murry he is serving in the womens league, shocking pace for a top 3 player.thats the problem he will have against djok, if he gets there……

  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted July 4, 2013 5:16 pm

    Radwa lost and im not heartbroken. I dont trade big matches with polish players. It makes me impartial hehe… Made some coin on outrights – Bartoli’s odds dropped to 2.8 after her match and backing her and Flipkens and laying off the winner provided 50% profit. Wish we had such opportunities more often. Now lets test a market and back Jano for few games. Dont get me wrong – i still want to see a heavyweights final.
    Good luck

  • john knight Posted July 5, 2013 8:45 am

    Radwanska was not too gracious in defeat if you saw the hand shake,she really surprised me there, it strikes me as she thought she would breeze it having beaten the german in two sets more recently,anyhow was a great match without the usual serena 45 minute matches……….

    The bartoli game was such a flop,talk about being overawed, forget the injury here, she was completely over her head,the court and occasion won that match.It made bartoli look better than she is, and i do not wish to be rude here but miz bartoli looks very heavy.Im not saying she is not fit by any means here, but i do wonder whats the theory there.Having seen here in 2007, she is at least another stone heavier….strange coaching.Reminds me or a certain American who shead over 2 stone and then reached the top ten some 5 yrs ago after queens.
    That may be her undoing on this occasion, and not having beaten lisicki since 2008, and only ever won one set,although that was last yr i would still favour sebine, especially for the first set and for us here.

    I do think we could be in for a treat today, and pos a surprise,i like the look of Del potro, but boy does he play the injury card , time and again when he goes down he looks like he has had a heart attack,out for the count, then its a 20 minute injury break, where as even us guys would just get up and shake the legs a bit, and play on……..Thats the problem with trading Del potro,very fragile, but even if he goes down today he will get up and play on , do not doubt that.

    Murry has a bit of a task on here today for me.if he carnt get the serving issue sorted for himself on second serve, and return this unreal 140 plus today he will have a battle.i dont think he will get going too fast as thats his traite,but the more the match take to get going the more he will struggle, no matter how good he is.

  • john knight Posted July 5, 2013 8:54 am

    The pole has shot up the rankings super fast, and even though its a serve or nothing in terms of beating the top 4 in reality,he will win sets just by serving better,however returning if murry starts playing him wide early on could be interesting, and if our chap starts to read the serve and at least gets a bat on it early it could be a quick match…tricky to call and if im honest i am going to avoid it purely for the unpredictability of how it could start…..good luck. I have to say its not a attractive match to watch for me,wham bam matches are not tennis, the ladies match yesterday was fab, and is the reason for equal pay in the top tournaments.Serena plays 45 mins and gets the same as the men having played 6 hours………i dont want to be contraversal here, just being honest.Have a great trading day all.

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