Betfair Trading Tips Stats 30th April Nieminen v Gulbis: Successful (in the 4th game of the match)

2. Bachinger v Troicki: Unsuccessful

3. Mayer v Kubot: Successful

4. Dolgopolov v Stakhovsky: Successful

5. Baghdatis v Korolev: Not confirmed (Baghdatis broke first meaning,
this may have hit our price but I can’t confirm it for the time being

6. Monfils v Melzer: Unsuccessful

7. Ramos v Berlocq: Successful

8. Andujar v Haase: Unsuccessful (Haase won but strategy was
unfortunately unsuccessful! You wouldn’t have lost big here, had you
kept Haase side with minimal loss.)

9. Zeballos v Elias: Unsuccessful

10. Bartoli v Peng: Successful

11. Niculescu v Paszek: Successful

12. Radwanska v Cibulkova: Successful

Considered matches: 11 , Successful: 7 / 11 = 63%

Not a good day – a good few really went against strong form.

Early stages in the tournament and no BH were given even though one
was suggested. That match was Niculescu which she won easily in 2

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