BH and LH Stats for Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 – 90% spot on!!

Back Heavy and Lay Heavy Stats for yesterday!

Heavy trading matches given : 11 (1 not counted as Almagro plays today)

Considered matches: 10

Out of these 10 the BH were as follows:


Out of the above 8 matches, all except Arvidsson ( a 3 setter) was spot on!

Strike rate: 7/8

Lay Heavy Matches:

I haven’t given many Lay heavy matches so far but I gave 2 yesterday
which were as follows:

Muller v Granollers
Soeda v Matosevic

Both worked !
Strike rate : 2/2.

Strike rate hence is 9 / 10. A smashing 90%. That’s right!! A hugely
impressive stat, even if I do say so myself!

Yet another reason why you would only make money through me in the long run with my tennis tips!

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taken lads. Only two left to go to guarantee you place 😉

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