Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, you need to register with an online betting exchange. There are a few players in the market these days, but I suggest you go with Betfair. It’s the biggest one and has the best liquidity in the trading markets which is crucial for successful application of the tennis trading strategies.

Next – you need some sort of betting exchange software. One popular one is Bet Angel – I used this in all my TTL 2.0 videos.

The recommended option is Fairbot – it’s a simpler platform and in my opinion, very suited to the tips.

You really can start with as little as you want – and actually that’s what I suggest to trading start-ups. Just lodge a hundred quid into your Betfair account and start trading with minimum stakes. The biggest folly you could do would be to start using big stakes right away – you first need to become really familiar with the trading strategies and then increase the stakes gradually. If you start with 100 and are following the tips and you grow your bank by 30% each week, you will be trading with pro stakes in no time. Imagine what you can do when you grow it to 1000???

The number of matches depends on the time of year – but there are plenty of matches that qualify every day. Most big matches are played at weekends. That’s when the semifinals and finals are taking place and it puts 9 – 5ers in a good position for mastering the tennis trading strategies and getting plenty of practice. Here you can see tennis event calendar for this year. There are tennis tournaments taking place all around the world from late December to late November. 

I usually operate with stakes of 100 – 200 euro, sometimes more, but it depends on the size of your bank. My golden rule for beginners not to use more than 10% of the bank as a stake. Your monthly profit will depend on many factors – how often you trade, which systems you use and how well you execute the strategies. By gradually increasing the stakes and mastering the trading strategies you can expect earning around 4-700 a week, and often more.

If you’re using my tips (as opposed to my TTL 2.o strategies) you can expect a return of 25% or more each week, using the tips alone. If you follow the other advices I give with the tips, you can increase this figure very significantly. And you can increase it further again by using my TTL 2.0 strategies in combination with the tips. And you can get both lifetime membership to my tips service and TTL 2.0 for a hugely discounted price. Click here for more..

Just bear in mind – don’t start big, always begin with trading with small stakes and experimenting with what works best for you.

Yes, you can trade any tennis matches using my tennis trading strategies. All of my Tennis Trading strategies have different criteria which have to be met before a match qualifies, but Tennis Scalper strategy can be applied on any tennis match, Grand Slam 5 setters including.

My Daily tennis Tips are carefully selected and can be applied as seen – there are no qualifying criteria.

In theory you can. In the reality, though, Betfair is the only online betting exchange that provides decent liquidity in the tennis markets. You simply won’t be able to use the strategies on other exchanges because of poor liquidity and uneven odds distribution.

Tennis Trading League is available as a download since January 2012.

First of all, watch the player who you want to lose more than the player who your money is on.

Look at serve stats, return percentage, second serve percentage, break point chances etc. This gives you an idea if the tip was worth applying straight away or delaying for a few games (always a good choice).

For any Back Heavy matches that you trade, it is always better you trade out if it reaches a tie break as you may get very unlucky and easily get you in the RZ (red zone). You can always put a lay amount in advance. For example, if your back heavy cost you 100 units, and the market is rather fluctuating violently, give a lay price so that your maximum loss is around 25-30 units (recoverable easily)!

I do not give a 100% guarantee in any match only a highly likely chance. No one can predict when a player gets injured and when he/she has trouble breathing or coping with the heat of the sun. All these can be overcome to a degree however just watching the match live. Hence I only trade HEAVY when I can watch live!

I have a money-back policy. If you really feel that tennis trading is not your cup of tea, you can request your investment back. So as you can see, it’s a no-risk situation for you!

First of all – I’ve outsourced most of the web-building and other tech stuff. All I needed to do is to take screencasts and write down the notes for the chap who’s putting it all together. At the end of the day, of course it’s business for me and I’ve invested in a venture with good return on investment.

Secondly – I don’t mind spending a few minutes daily answering e-mails! On top of that, I like helping others out with advice and there’s no better feeling than receiving an e-mail saying – thanks Paddy, your strategies and tips really work and I’ve made nice trading profit!

All you need to do is watch the videos and copy what I do! You will have to put a small amount of time into choosing qualifying matches (all is explained in the videos), but after that it’s a matter of copying what you see in the videos.

This is a term that I use for increasing the stakes for certain markets when I feel the odds are rather wrongly priced. The best example I can give is the match between Serena and Sharapova recently that I tipped as not Back Heavy but Back Extra Heavy!

I felt the odds on her @1.4 range was actually too much. For me it should have been maximum 1.25 – 1.3 range.

Hence, watch out for the BH (Back Heavy) matches closely as my strike rate so far for them is pretty decent as you can check from some of my earlier tips. Other terms and abbreviations include as follows:

B:        Back (generally for low stakes as the market may not be easy to predict – 10 % of bank)

LL :     Lay low

BH:      Back Heavy (10-30% of bank).

EH:      Extra Heavy (30-40% of bank max) This is used at your own discretion!

LH:      Lay Heavy (I haven’t used this much as the lay odds should be too wrong to lay  heavy)

GO :    Green(ing) out

GZ:      Green Zone

RZ:      Red Zone

Note: I always ask people to trade out with a loss in the worst case. Back Heavy doesn’t mean a guarantee! All I am predicting is that odds to go in the backed player’s side easily at some point in the match, meaning you may very well have the chance to green out some money. If indeed the strategy doesn’t work straight away, DONT THINK, just trade out, accept a loss as that is recoverable in a later match. Your intuition is the absolute weapon in trading whether it is stocks, bonds, currencies or sports!

I will be announcing a service soon that will be available to a limited number of members who can trade with me for one month – watch out for details!!

TTL 2.0 is a video course with 4 strategies that can be applied to any tennis match, and you don’t really need any experience of trading to get started – the videos in the course spell it all out and you just copy what you see in those videos.

The tipping service is based on sound knowledge of tournaments, players, surfaces and many other factors that can swing a match in your favour. Following my tips is a bit simpler than using TTL 2.0 but combined they offer the ultimate tennis trading income. TTL 2.0 is normally £99, but you can get Lifetime Membership to the tips service and TTL 2.0 download for just £99  – meaning lifetime membership to the tips service is free when bought together!! You will also get one months membership to my betting tips service as a bonus.

At the moment, Paypal is my main form of payment. Setting up a Paypal account is easy – just click here. When you open a Paypal account, you will be able to use your credit card as normal, or you can transfer money from your bank account and use that if you don’t have a credit card. Paypal protects your financial details from a third party to whom you are paying. And you wont be charged a fee – if you pay 10 quid to me, I will get around 9.60 as Paypal deduct money from me, not you!!

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can send money to support@tennis-trading-league.com using Neteller or Moneybookers.

A ‘stop loss’ is a feature on platforms that let you pre-define a ‘trade out’ situation in case the worst happens. It is great for ‘in play’ markets. The main advantage here is, unlike normal trade outs
for which there is a few second delay on Betfair, the ‘stop loss markets’ are traded out instantly as you have already pre-defined them with a corresponding ‘trigger’ and ‘place bet’ price.

As an example:

Suppose you are trading on Djokovic (1.45) v Murray (3.15) and your money is on Djokovic as he is a rather big favourite. Your enter a trade by backing Djoko in the 1.6 range, hoping the market to go down
later. But the match went to a tie-break in the first set and Murray is leading by 1 mini break.

In this situation, the odds may be in the 1.7 range or more already on Djoko. However, you want to trade out the market only if it reaches 1.9 in case Murray dominates the tie-break because if Murray does dominate, Djokovic may become the underdog and his odds very likely should go above 2! So you may have to activate the ‘stop loss’

In Fairbot platform, there is a ‘trigger’ and ‘place bets’ option which normally are the same price. The ‘stop loss’ feature can be activated by right clicking the back or lay price. The following screenshot shows a ‘stop loss’ scenario for Youzhny v Brands

I have backed Youzhny @ 1.47 here with 100 units. Assuming the odds are going up, I am willing to accept a loss upto 23 units by giving the ‘stop loss’ at 1.7. In this case if Youzhny indeed loses I will have no losses or profits. If Youzhny wins however we are in a loss of about 23 units.

The ‘stop loss’ feature is an extremely useful tool if you are completely new to trading. I don’t use it much, unless I am trading heavy or extra heavy in which case, you should most probably have it for the
worst case scenarios!

The % at which you should set it depends on how much you are willing to accept as a loss early on. But as a general rule, you should not leave any trade open if the loss exceeds more than 40% of your stake.
So if you are putting in 100 units, any loss above 40 is pushing it. Hence, set the trigger and place odds so that it is less than that. The situation is different for each trade so sometimes you may have to trade out early and sometimes you can leave it for some more time in case of an injury to the opposite player hoping the market will go in your favour in the future. But keep the 40% rule in mind as a tip!

The basic meaning of Liquidity on Betfair would be the amount of money invested by people overall on Trading/Betting!

Liquidity is an extremely important factor to look at, if you even want to consider a trade.

For eg. Suppose if Roger Federer plays Alejandro Falla on Grass in an ATP event and Roger’s form is rather poor. The odds however are still too low on him at let’s say 1.05 lay price. Let’s also assume that Falla’s form is really good and he beat Tsonga to meet Roger (almost impossible but worth considering for this example!). You definitely think that odds will go up to atleast 1.08.
However the market liquidity is extremely low at around 35 000 Euros. This means you have much less probability of having your bet matched even if the odds reach 1.08 considering others have also opted for the same strategy. Indeed the trade may go through but the chances are less likely.

There are too many sports on Betfair that are indeed very popular but when it comes to liquidity they have no chance against Tennis (one of the most liquid sports on Betfair without a doubt!) For eg. if we consider three popular games of American sports, NBA, NFL, and MLB put against one popular game of Tennis, it is very likely that those 3 games’ liquidity added up may not even come to half of the Tennis market. The 4th major American market NHL, is not even worth mentioning as it is dreadful on Betfair in terms of liquidity. I have seen very popular NHL games with less than 200 Euros matched in the MATCH ODDS market. That is extremely silly as you would only trade there if you were crazy!

What we see from the above example is, in order to make money we need others to invest in that sports as well to get our trades going. Tennis is perfect over all for that hence Liquidity especially for BH matches I give, are extremely important!!

Ideally for low stakes markets, we need a liquidity of anything from 50 – 100 k at least!

For BH Matches, at least 200 K up should be the liquidity I feel.

For EH (Extra Heavy) matches we should be looking at anything above 750 or 1 Million upwards! It is extremely important to get our trades matched when we are risking more. Hence, the liquidity is the most important factor before you enter a trade with high risk!

The following is a screenshot that I put on the site a few days earlier. I have pointed out the liquid area of this match on the platform.

The matches, if you don’t have SKY, may be found onfrombar.tv or livescorehunter.com. I don’t really recommend a lot of other sites as there is always risk of adware or malware. But these sites have generally worked for me.

Also please make sure you check bet365 website first in regard live streams. If they don’t have it, its unlikely others have. Also watch their scoreboard carefully when you watch the stream from somewhere else. No point in having scoreboard 10 seconds faster than the stream as it will hurt you in trading!