First Tips Of The Year 2019

First Tips Of The Year 2019
Time passes so quickly. It always feels like such a short break considering what these players put themselves through week in, week out for 46 weeks of every year. But no time for sympathy!
This season, as always, will see Brisbane as the main focus of attention as players try to work off the Christmas dinner to be ready for the Australian Open. There will be decent tournaments in New Zealand, India and China too.
Plenty to get our teeth into.
The first 2 betting tips of the season have now gone out. They will be for Doha on Monday afternoon and Tuesday lunchtime matches. Trading tips will follow.
Tennis Goldmine is already off to a profitable start with 3 wins. There are a few more opportunities to come our way in the next few hours  for Goldmine so we’ll wait to see how it performs over a full day. I will do my best to post daily results on the home page.
I look forward to another great season.
Happy New Year,

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