Free Tips Strategies for ATP/WTA – 13/2/2013


1. Seppi vs Bachinger

Seppi to win here for me. 1.28 odds could be free money. Bachinger is
not the worst of players hence dont back heavy here.

Strategy: Back at 1.28 on Seppi lay around 1.15

2. Troicki vs Gasquet

Gasquet dream story continues!

Strategy: Back Gasquet heavy @1.2, lay at 1.09 or less!

3. Viola vs Simon

Free money on Simon at 1.14.

Strategy: BH – LL @1.06

4. Paire vs Baghdatis

1.67 on Baghdatis maybe the right price. I am not sure which way this
match may go. I feel a 3 setter here.

Strategy: Since I expect Baghdatis serve to be better here I have to
back him first!

Lay around 1.45!

5. Benneteau vs Hanescu:

Another free money for Benneteau I feel.

Strategy: BH @1.2 , LL @1.1

6. Davydenko vs Dmitrov:

Odds are almost 50-50 here. Dmitrov was hugely impressive against Tomic.
I expect this match to be rather tight as Dmitrov serve is definitely
the better here.
Rally wise you have to probably go for Davydenko.

Tough one to call but I would say lay Davydenko at the start is the
better hope! He may still fight back and win in 3.

Strategy: Lay Davydenko @1.95. Back around 2.2 or 2.3!

Brazil Open:

1. Lorenzi vs Montanes

Very surprising to see Lorenzi is the favourite at 1.74. Either that
is manipulated odds or Montanes may have some injury.

If there is no injury concern here I would say lay Lorenzi heavy at
1.74! But better to handle with caution. Hence safe strategy is to
wait a few games to see how these guys hold their serves at the start!

Still I would lay Lorenzi a few quid at the start anyway! Back price
can be in the 2.2 range!

2. Bolleli vs Monaco:

This actually could be a good match to trade. I still expect Monaco to
win it in the end maybe a 3 setter.

Strategy: Back Monaco (not heavy) at 1.55. Lay around 1.4!

3. Ramirez vs Souza:

Souza is an excellent server on clay. Hence definitely back him in the start.

Strategy: Back heavy on Souza at 1.5. Lay around 1.28

4. Zeballos vs Capdeville

As predicted in my last tournament I expect him to do well in this one
as well. I don’t expect him to win 2 tournaments in a row as that
would be pretty miraculous.

Strategy : Back heavy at 1.5, lay@1.3

WTA Qatar Open

1. Mc Hale vs Safarova:

Mc Hale will do well to make Safarova odds shoot up at some point.
Hence lay Safarova at the start (not heavy)

S : Lay Safarova @1.85, back at 2.1

2. Hsieh vs Petrova:

Strategy: Back Petrova (EXTRA HEAVY) @1.25 on Petrova. Lay at 1.1.

I definitely see this odds going down!

3. Stephens vs Zakopalova:

1.35 on Stephens is probably good to lay rather than back I feel.
Zakopalova is a decent player. Do not lay heavy here.

S: Lay 1.35 on Stephens, Back @1.5

4. Babos vs Errani:

Errani to win this for me.

Strategy: Back heavy @1.19 . Lay at 1.1.

5. Vinci vs Ursula Radwanska.

I went against Vinci yesterday which was a losing strategy. I am going
to repeat that again here. I feel Ursula has a decent game. 1.25
should be laid I feel!

Strategy: Lay 1.25 on Vinci, Back @1.4

6. Halep vs Ivanovic:

A possible cracking 3 setter match here. Halep is again a decent player.

Best strategy is to lay the winner of the first set.

Odds on Ivanovic is 1.25. I still feel that will go up!

Strategy: Lay Ivanovic at 1.25. Back around 1.5 or even 1.6!

7. Kvitova vs Makarova

Kvitova odds are almost 2. Another injury concern? I wonder!

If this is the case, back Makarova at the start.

Strategy: Back Makarova at 2. Lay around 1.85

8. Kuznetsova vs Bartoli:

For me 1.85 on Kuznetsova is free money. She is pretty much on fire
these days. Hasn’t played bad at all in any game since her injury!

I feel BH , LL strategy in Kuzy’s favour!

Strategy: Back heavy on Kuz@1.85, LL @1.55

9. Stosur vs Niculescu:

1.62 on Stosur could be free money!

BH , LL again!

S: BH on Stosur@1.62, LL @1.4


1. Falla vs Cipolla

Strategy: Back heavy on Falla @ 1.43, lay @1.3.

2. Querrey vs Hewitt:

I feel a possible 3 setter here. I am still going for Querrey though!

Strategy: Back (not heavy) @1.6 on Querrey, lay at 1.45

3. Russell vs Young:

A possible 3 setter again.

Strategy : Lay Russell @1.75, Back around 2!

Russell may still win in 3!

Bionaire WTA :

1. Torro vs Ormachea:

I was very impressed with Torro in Fed Cup.

Back her here (not heavy) @1.45, Lay around 1.28

2. Sevastova vs Svitolina

This maybe a tight one to call.

I feel laying Sevastova maybe better.

Strategy: Lay Sevastova @1.55, Back @1.8. Don’t trade heavy in this match!

Well done to all those who took some hot tips yesterday. I predicted
Pella to do well against
Fognini, His odds was more than 3 and he won! That market I quoted
could be highly profitable which was the case!

Only match that I asked to lay heavy and went completely opposite was
Barthel vs Kerber.
Apparently Kerber still has back injury issues and that price by
bookies and betfair wasn’t right hence. Other than that, the overall
stats winning percentage was again a decent 80% strike rate!

Thanks for some of your warm comments. I appreciate it.

Good luck again !

Cheers 🙂


  • Daniel Posted February 13, 2013 1:15 pm

    Please stop using the phrase ,,Free money” there is no such thing !

    You as an experience trader that sells systems for money should know this better then everybody else.

    Seppi pulled out in Zagreb because of an injury that he might still carry you said it’s free money.

    Gasquet just won one title he might not be interested in this tournament you said it’s free money.

    Stosur in this current form free moeny ?

    Kuznetsova vs Bartoli might be the most balanced match in Doha yet Kuznetsova is free money ?

    Petro free money ?

    Do you have any clue about tennis matches ?

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 14, 2013 7:22 pm

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for the comment!!
      I love your enthusiasm for trading but in future you should wait for the events to unfold before commenting??
      4 of the 5 you mention happened exactly as I said – 80 % strike rate. You were correct on one – 20%.
      Yes, I do have a clue about tennis matches…..thank you very much!!!

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