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Hello Dear Partner!

To increase your website’s visitors’ click-through rate and help you earn more commissions I decided to create promotional videos you can easily place on your website!

You can watch the videos right now, and as you will see I’ve packed it full with compelling benefits and features of my product! Scroll down to FAQ to find out all about embedding the videos in your website.

Here are the promo videos for the Tennis Trading League Systems:

 Affiliate Video 1

 Affiliate Video 2

 Affiliate Video 3

 Affiliate Video 4

And here’s a promo video for my free seven day Betfair trading video course:

 Affiliate Video 5

The idea behind this video is the following – many of your visitors will grab the free video course because it doesn’t cost a single penny. But every single one of them will be tracked under your affiliate code. And chances of them becoming my customers are very high as they’ll receive one video lesson every day for a whole week!

I guess you may have a few questions – so here’s a short FAQ about these promotional videos.



 Q: How to embed my affiliate link into the video?

 A: You have to use a common text affiliate link right above and below the video using action words in it.

‘Click Here to find out more about low-risk Betfair trading’ or ‘Grab your seven day FREE Betfair trading video lessons right NOW!’ are good examples encouraging your website’s visitors to click on the link and find out more about the subject. The video presentation in this case works as a wonderful additional info source increasing your visitors’ curiosity!


 Q: Is the video source code safe? Is it not going to interfere with my website’s HTML code?

 A: The code is completely safe and essentially it’s JavaScript pointing to the URL where the actual video is hosted.


 Q: Is the promotional video not going to drive my website’s traffic away from me?

 A: No – the video doesn’t include any links and the only way your visitor’s can find out more about Tennis Trading League is by clicking on your unique affiliate link provided right next to the video.


How To Place Promo Videos
On Your Website


1. Please log into your affiliate account here and click on the ‘HTML ads’ link on the left hand side navigation bar under ‘Marketing Materials’.

2. Click on the ‘Display HTML ads’ button.

3. Copy the respective video’s script from the source code’s box below and embed it in your website’s HTML code where you want the video to appear.

4. Download the additional JavaScript file from below and upload it on your website so that the video can be viewed. Please unzip the file and place it into the corresponding directory on your website.

If the webpage where you place the video is in the root directory – ‘/’ – upload the JavaScript file there. If the webpage is in other directory, for example – – upload the JavaScript file on the ‘/otherdirectory’ folder.

You can find the additional JavaScript files here:


 File for Promo Video 1

 File for Promo Video 2

 File for Promo Video 3

 File for Promo Video 4

 File for Promo Video 5

If you have any questions – please contact me here.

Best Regards,

Patrick Ross


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