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It’s getting really ridiculous when you’re told you will earn a FORTUNE just following some betting plan and it will require minimum effort! I KNOW, and I guess you know it as well – there’s no such thing as easy money in gambling.

Trading systems? It’s the same – trading also requires effort and time investment and I’m not telling you that earning using the Tennis Trading League Systems is a piece of cake.

But the truth is – and the hardest PROOF to back it up is going to be your OWN experience – the risk level in my systems has been minimized to minimum.

You have to try really hard to lose any money at all – if you follow what I’m teaching in the Tennis Trading League systems.

See what my customers are saying about how it’s worked out for them:

Thanks PatrickHi Patrick

I recently took possession of your Race Your Profits system and tried it out on the French Open. Brilliant!

I started slowly to get used to the concept and even tried a couple of small tick bets from game to game, but by the second day I was using your rules.

In three days of betting I have made over £250 and more than paid for the system. I have found that watching and waiting for the first set to finish you tend to recognise the betting chances and soon develop your own niche.

This is by far and away the most successful system I have bought in to and would not hesitate to recommend it!

Best Regards


Yesterday I tried your system on the Nadal match. The odds move exactly as you say and I made £19 using only £15 stake!

Now I’m really looking forward to gradually increasing the stakes and my earnings!

Mark Miller


Hi Paddy,

Thanks for the terrific support! Having you as a mentor I’m feeling more in control of the process and definitely can see steady profit.

Now I have cemented the methods and strategies in my mind and on average make £70 from a match.

Thanks for all!

Sean O’Rourke


Hi there again, it’s been a week since I bought your system and I must say that I’ve long wanted to trade the tennis markets.

So far I’ve traded on horses only and tried many betting and trading systems in the past. About yours I can say only one thing – it works! Odds change accordingly to your system – and the strategies are solid stuff.

Now I can focus on improving the trading skills and finally I need not worry about losing streaks I had in the past!


David Stevens


The tennis trading league is the best system I have seen so far, and I have seen a lot.

Finally a system that really works and will always work. It does not use guess work on what will happen, but it makes use of what just happened.

Big profits, compared to very,very low risk. Awesome, awesome system!

Tom Mueller


Thanks for your time,

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