In-play Trading vs Too Big Expectations

Some folks think – if I can’t get enough from a single trade, it isn’t worth going for.

Of course – it would be so nice to earn ₤100 – ₤200 by placing just two bets but my experience tells me in a long term you can’t expect big returns with this.

At the beginning of my Betfair career I was trying different betting and trading strategies and was particularly impressed by the idea of spotting good value bets and backing them early in the morning. Then, as the race approached, I would lay them off with profit.

However, way too often I had to choose between accepting a loss or transferring the negative balance to the opposite party. You know, it really takes a great deal of discipline and organization to follow the plan and put up with occasional losses. Well – you’ve got to be really, really organized to stick with it and profit in a long term.

I better prefer to stay on the safe side and trade on short term odds fluctuations caused by the scoring of the tennis players. The beauty of the in-play tennis trading is – I don’t have to accept losing trades too often. Even when it happens – it’s a very rare occurrence. Why is that?

In in-play tennis trading you don’t have to monitor the money flow and follow it. You’re actually ahead of it by watching the match on TV and seeing the points scored!

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