Its Finals Day!!Tennis Tips Strategies for ATP/WTA – 17/2/2013 ATP Rotterdam

1. Del Potro vs Benneteau:

Odds on Del Potro are 1.22 which is slightly low I feel. Benneteau has
already proven by beating Roger and Simon (both in 2 sets) that he
really likes to play in this slow court!

I am against backing straight away on Del Potro here eventhough he may
win easily today.

Strategy: Lay @1.22 on Del Potro for around 50 units (liability 11
units) , back @ 1.4 for 44
Note: This may not happen but from a trading perspective its better to
lay at the start than back Del Potro! If ofcourse Del Po wins the
first set easily, do trade out!

ATP Brazil:

2. Nadal vs Nalbandian:

Odds say this may go in Nalbandian’s favour!

Nadal odds are 1.5 which is extremely high for a final but I am pretty
sure that is due to injury concern.

I personally cant guess how this match will go as it all depends on
Rafa’s knee issues.

However the odds being so high means you have to try to lay him at
some point in the match.

Strategy: Either wait entirely for the first set. If Rafa wins, lay
him. If Nalbandian wins, wait out the second set to see if Rafa has
won it. If he has, back him for a small stake (10-25) in the 3rd.

Second method is to lay Rafa at the start @1.5 for around 25 units,
liability 12.5 units, back him @1.65 for 22.5 units. Profit is around
2.5 units.

As you can see our profit is rather low here because our stake is
rather low and the lay odds are rather high.

You can ignore this match to trade if you feel else follow the
strategies above. But DON’T put heavy money on Rafa at any stage in
this match as that can be extremely risky.

WTA Qatar:

3. Azarenka vs Serena:

Odds on Serena are almost similar to that of yesterday @1.44.
This actually may not be as easy as yesterday as Azarenka for me is a
better player than Sharapova.

Serena is the present world number 1 and she would want to prove to
the world why she is hence I am guessing she might play well like she
did yesterday. On the other hand Aza would want to prove her wrong

First of all, don’t trade heavy in this match as that can be risky!

Strategy: Safest strategy is to wait out the first set. If Serena wins
it easily, back her for a small stake. Profit again would be low as
you are backing Serena for a small odds.

Second  method is to back Serena @1.44 in the start for around 50
units, lay @1.2 for 60 units (Liab: 12). Profit is 10 units.

There is a possibility this maybe very hard to call but the second
method seems pretty good to follow. If however you see Azarenka
dominating the first set after 3 or 4 games, simply trade out! Wait
for a better opportunity in the second set! I personally don’t see
Azarenka dominating as Serena’s serve is far better!

WTA Bionaire:

4. Vecino vs Castano:

The betfair market for this match is not priced yet. However looking
at bet365 odds, I am guessing Vecino odds must be around 1.5 on
betfair to begin with.

Strategy: I feel Vecino will win this possibly in a tight match.

Hence, back around 50 units on Vecino @1.5, lay around 60 (Liab: 15) @1.25.
Profit is exactly 10 units!

You can wait out the first set and back Vecino in the second if
Castano wins the first but don’t trade heavy here as its a clay court
and injuries are more common on clay.


5. Haas vs Raonic:

This is a rather tough one to call. Both have played well.
I would personally go for Haas here. The prices are not yet available
on betfair or bet365.

If Haas odds are in the 2.4 range back him. Anything less, you can
wait out the first set and lay its winner!
A possible 3 setter and great market to trade here!!

Good luck lads!

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    Lots of accurate pointers yesterday.

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