January Trading Tips Full Results +77.45%

Another great month for the tennis trading tips shows an overall return on capital of 77.45%. So far in the new season (from 28th December) we are +92.65% ROC.

You can check out the full stats here!!


We enjoyed 100% success on out Back Heavy tips, which bring in 3 times more than normal stakes. Our win rate is below expectations, but the quality of the tips and the increased number of lay tips combined with the Back Heavy tips meant great success overall. We hit a high of 108% ROC on the 21st January, which was taken down a bit over the next couple of days but we recovered well in the last few days of the month to bring our return to 92.65%.  If you had begun trading with my tips at the beginning of January, you would never have had a negative balance. Such was the strength of the growth in the first 2 weeks of the month, that even when we hit a rocky patch, it was easily absorbed by the profits earned earlier in the month. Overall, I would say it was a very successful month.

Remember tips are only £8 per month – thats less than £2 per week over a full year (£1.85 to be precise!!). Even if you had a starting bank of £100, you would have got your £8 back almost 10 times over (9.6 times to be very precise!!) in January.

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