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Want to get started in Tennis Trading and Betting but not sure how? It’s amazing how simple it can be, yet it’s hard to take the leap forward and make that first trade. Tennis Trading League is dedicated to helping new Tennis Traders, and there are scores of free articles and a free ebooks on site to help those with little or no knowledge of Tennis Trading.


The first piece of advice I will give to any budding¬†Tennis Trader out there is to download my free ebook!! It’s called ‘Back or Lay, A simple Guide to Tennis Trading’.

It’s a valuable asset for beginners and pros alike. It will teach you, from beginning to end, how to execute a trade, with loads of useful tips, set out in a very easy to read-and-follow format. There is a link in there to get free software and free tips, absolutely everything you will need to make that first leap!

Just enter your email below and the ebook will be yours in a matter of minutes!


If you’re already familiar to Tennis Trading and want to improve your trading, the next Freebie might be for you. If you’re struggling with, or want to know about:

-Greening Out
-Stop Losses
-Multiple Trades
-Chasing Losses
-Recycling Geen for Max Profits

And much, much more then you can get it all by downloading all of my best and most popular articles in one Free Tennis Trading ebook. Again, if you’re not familiar with any of the Tennis Trading terminology used, it will all become clear once you read the articles. All of the articles have easy-to-follow examples which explain everything in plain English.

I was once a poor amateur and it took me years to figure out and put together everything in the two ebooks above. Save yourself some pain, download the free tennis trading ebooks and get a head start on all the others struggling out there.

Free Tennis Trading Articles included in the free ebook are:
1. The Golden Green,
2. Dealing With a Bad Streak,
3. In-Depth Trading,

and many many more besides. The free ebook will be a valuable guide for you as you progress and learn about Tennis Trading. No matter what the question, you will find the answers here. To download the free ebook containing all my best and most popular articles, just add your email to the form below, and your download will complete in seconds.


The easiest (and most inexpensive) way to get involved with Tennis Trading League is to get Tips For Free!! You can get my Trading Tips free for 10 Days, with no financial information required. No credit card details, Paypal accounts or Direct Debits!! No forms to fill out, no address required!! Just an email address!! I will send you information towards the end of your trial, with details on how to join if you wish to do so. However, if you don’t wish to join, just ignore the mails and you will hear no more from me about it..

To Get 10 Days Free TRADING TIPS Click Here

As I said before, there is absolutely no obligation to use the tips once your 10 Days are up.

So there you have it folks!! Freebies to help you on your Trading/Betting Journey!! Enjoy them, and good luck with all your trading and betting.


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