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the perfect graph
pliskova easy money

Match: WTA Malaysia Semifinal between Pliskova and Morita

Here is the perfect graph we all wish to have in a trade. The starting
odds on Pliskova was a silly 3.5!

I took it as wrong pricing and immediately laid Morita for a
liability of around 16 units! Not only did this match go in favour of
Pliskova but it went down every point pretty much from 3.5 to 1.01!!
It shot a bit up from there to 1.06.

Basically if you spot the market wrong, you should definitely lay the
favourite! My reason was that Pliskova’s serve was solid against her
opponent in the previous match. I was spot on about her serve as
Morita did not have a single break point in this match and was
ruthlessly dismantled!

The match hence was an easy money market as you can see from the
second screenshot. There was no need for a second trade here as I
chose not to trade out seeing the overwhelming stats of Pliskova’s
serves and returns! Of course I would have executed a trade out
scenario in the worst case if something went wrong.

Anyone else spot this? Let me know,


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