New!! Tennis Trading League Membership Area.

Hi All,

Over the past few weeks I’ve been giving out trading advice and tips. From my own analysis and from the feedback the service has been a massive success with hundreds out there who are following the tips making great profits. If we take yesterday as an example; if you’d followed my tips you could have made 60 quid!! Calculated weekly, that’s over 400. Monthly, more than 1600. And anually, over 19,000!! And that’s with a modest trading bank of 300-400. And don’t worry if you have a smaller trading bank. My tips will help you build your bank to where it needs to be.

So, in monetary terms, what is that type of advice worth monthly?? If you made good consistent profits every day, would you be willing to pay 99 quid a month and make 1600?? How about 49 quid and make 1600?? I could charge this much no problem  and any trader who knows a great deal would pay that much. The good news is that I’ll only be charging 10 euro per month for the tips!! And if you take the annual membership option, it will work out at less than 7 euro per month!!

And don’t worry! You’re not taking any risk. If you feel it’s not working out, I’ll give you your tenner back!! Simple. That’s the way everything should be. Simple. Like my trading tips!!

The only drawback to the whole membership deal is that there will only be 300 members allowed. People will ask why, and the truth is if I let 1000 in I couldn’t cope with the customer service and questions and queries. It’s that simple!!

The membership will be available from 23rd or 24th Feb 2013 – it’s not fully decided yet. The tips are free until then so take advantage and test them out!! If you want to pre book your place, use the opt-in form at the bottom of the page and book your place now!! You wont be asked for money until the launch day and you’re not under any commitment to sign up when the time comes. But the option will be there and it guarantees you won’t miss out. I will mail you the day before it goes live to everyone else so your place is guaranteed.

Watch out for more information about the membership in the next few days.

Thanks everyone,


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