Notice to Members: Problems With Mailing Service

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to inform everyone that I’m having problems with my mail provider. Well, it’s not just me – it’s anyone who uses Aweber!! They are under what they call a DDoS attack. No information is at risk, so everyone’s personal information is safe. It happens when hackers try to overload a site and consequently shut it down temporarily. If you don’t hear from me by mail in the morning, you know why!!!
I will be unable to send out the days betting tip(s) by mail if the problem persists – I might have to post it on the site. Keep an eye out below if you don’t get the mail.
This also means that the free ebook is not available to download as I depend on my mail service provider to do this. Apologies to anyone who can’t download it. Get in touch with me at and I’ll send you the download link for the ebook.

Trading tips will be available as normal after about 7.30am


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