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For a couple of years now, members have been asking me if I know of any other good betting services. The honest answer was I didn’t know any! I had tried a few myself but they never worked out, or didn’t give the returns promised.

In January this year, Jim contacted me and asked if if I would promote his service because he was just about to launch. Still unproven, I had to say no, but asked him to send his tips to me for a few months months and I’d write and publish a review of his tips if they were good enough. Below is my review of

Name of site:

Author : Jim Bett (I asked him if he was the famous Aberdeen footballer, but he says he isn’t!!??).

Tips On : Tennis matches, mostly Match Wins and Handicaps. On ATP and WTA.

Stakes : In the beginning, no stake recommended. In the second month, Jim introduced a points system. Recommends 1,2 or 3 points per bet, indicated each day in email. 50 point bank recommended. I used 5% stakes in the beginning of the trial, so continued same until end of trial. 5% = 2.5 points, which is slightly higher than the average 2 points per bet recommended by Jim. If you don’t understand the points system, Jim explains it very well in his emails and on the his home page.

Review of February.

I got my first tips from Jim on February 5th, which was a  winner at pretty low odds, but it’s always great to get off to a winning start. By far the best tip of the month was Simon to beat Monfils on the 22nd at 2.5 odds. Overall in February, there were 20 tips. Thats almost 1 per day. (The month has only 28 days and we didn’t start until the 5th!). Overall we seen 13 wins from 20 tips, a respectable 65% strike rate bringing in a 15% profit for the month. A very decent start indeed. My feeling at the time was ‘if he can repeat this performance we’ll be on to something!’

Review of March

29 tips given in March, almost one a day again. Very consistent with 18 wins, 3 void and 9 losses in the month. Not including the void tips, we have a strike rate of 67%, again very consistent with January. Great winning streak of 8 wins in a row. Max losses in a row was 3. Overall return was 18%, giving us overall growth of 33% since the tips started in February. In my view, a very good return. Had I used the 2 point recommendation set out by Jim, I would have a slightly lower return. As I mentioned before, I used 5% stakes from the start (2.5 points), therefore my actual returns are slightly higher than Jim’s official returns. Either way, very respectable returns. However, strike rate still not as high as claimed on the home page (70%). But this not too important as long as the winners keep coming.

Review of April

 30 tips in 30 days! Jim maintains he will send 20-25 every month, so we’re above average. 20 wins, 1 void, 9 losses. Strike rate identical to March at 67%, which is excellent, and I’ll say it again, consistent!!! A gain of 14% on the month, which is also excellent. No complaints, mails on time every morning. Total return so far is 43.92% (official) which you can see on the home page. My own returns were slightly higher at 45.15%. Full stats are available on TennisBett home page. Being so open with stats is always a good sign too. 

Review of May

36 tips in May, higher than the average. Still in profit this month, but down from the average 14% to 5% in May. Still a great month in my opinion. If you followed Jim’s staking plan with a £500 bank, you would have made an average £123 per month over the first 4 months, which is very good for a new service. I still have confidence in the tips and still recommend them. No losing months since the service started, which is a very promising, and a winning start to June as I write this.

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Value for money? Definitely, especially the Lifetime Option, which works out at just 6 monthly payments.  For users of £ and $, Exchange Rates also offer some great value right now. As I write this €149.95 works out at just £107 or $160 which is pretty amazing value, easily recovered in less than one average month. For €4.95, there’s little to lose, and there’s a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Price : Trial period €4.95 for 30 days

then €24.95 per month or  €49.95 per quarter or  €149.95 lifetime. Lifetime payment is payable in 2 instalments which is a fine idea.

Overall, the service is very good. Pretty minimal home page with easy navigation. No extended sales page, just stats and ‘about me’ and membership options. All you need to join is there on the home page.  Tips are sent in a very timely manner around 8am, and sometimes the night before. Only once in 120 days have the tip come after the times promised, and that was only by one hour. I cant complain.  But dealing with Jim has been courteous and polite, and he has helped with any question I had. One bad thing – strike rate is not as high as mentioned on the home page, where 70%+ is claimed. However, this is minor when the profits are good and the current strike rate is maintained.

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Final Thoughts:

When I first started this review, I wanted TennisBett to be complimentary to my own Tennis Betting Service. I wanted to give members another winning service to run along side my own. It’s good to have a portfolio. Sometimes, when one is losing, the other can compensate. And 70% of the time, both will be winning and you reap the rewards. For this reason, I will be a member of TennisBett for sure! I’m very happy to add it to my portfolio. And happy to recommend it. The proof of a very consistent, profitable service is there. 

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  • Terry Wigman Posted May 5, 2015 5:03 pm

    Hi Patrick, do you have a life membership, if so I might be interested, thanks.

    • Patrick Ross Posted May 6, 2015 6:44 pm

      Just sent a reply by mail Terry..

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