Scalping – Ferrer vs Nadal – 29/04/2012

£58 profit in 20 minutes! God bless Scalping! Scalping is a favourite tecnique for users of Tennis Trading League. At least 20% of my customers use this as the sole means of income!! Not something I agree with(they could be making a lot more), but a small piece of the pie is all they want and they’re very happy. Scalping is not even the most profitable strategy I use. However it requires the least preparation and can be used in a lot of matches.

Other strategies have more qualifying criteria before they can be used, but make higher profits more of the time.

Scalping involves trading on short-term odds fluctuations. It’s based on backing a player right before he’s about to score a game point. There are a set of rules you need to follow to use this strategy effectively – I wont go into them here, but they’re quite straightforward.

I want to talk about a particular match that happened recently that shows why the strategy is so effective and so profitable. In the recent ATP Barcelona Final, Nadal was up against Ferrer. There were loads of trading opportunities in the match but the second (and final) set was amazing.

The sixth game of the set seen Ferrer break Nadal to go 4-2 up in the set.

In the seventh game Nadal broke Ferrer to take the set to 3-4.

In the 9th game Nadal broke once more to go 5-4 up. Nadal went on to win his next service game and won the Championship. Amazingly, in those three games, and on those three breaks you could have won £58!!. Less experienced traders made less if they were using small stakes but even using £20-£50 stakes made you a nice profit in just a few minutes! A really nice finish to that week’s tennis.

See the matchcast here!

Almost all qualifying matches will present a lot of trading opportunities in a given match. This match is not an exception. After getting so many mails about it, I thought I’d share it with anyone who might be interested in the scalping technique.

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