Spartan Tennis Trading Tips Results 10th & 11th February

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All profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units.

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Two good wins on the 10th but not much profit. The 11th was a much better day with a successful lay on Johnson. Overall, very good profit for the 2 days combined and a nice increase in bank.

Feb 10th: +0.55 units

1. Elias v Thiem: ‘HOT TIP’ : Back Thiem @1.25, Lay @1.08

Unsuccessful: -4 units

Thiem ended up winning this match but started quite poor and ended up losing the first set and was always playing catch up from the 2nd set. Have to make this unsuccessful.

2. Muller v Cilic: TIP: Back Cilic @1.5, Lay @1.25

Successful: +2 units

3. Flipkens v Kasatkina: TIP: Back Kasatkina @1.7, Lay @1.35

Successful: +2.55 units

Overall: 2 / 3 Successful: +0.55 units

HOT TIPS Success Rate: 1 Given, 0 / 1 Successful

All tipped players ended up winning today.


Feb 11th: +6.25 units

1. Schwartzman v Lorenzi: TIP: Back Schwartzman @1.75, Lay @1.45

Successful: +2.05 units

2. Fritz v Johnson: TIP: Lay Johnson @1.5, Back @1.9

Successful: +4.2 units

Fritz started a bit shaky but once he got firing, he turned out to be a huge problem for Johnson and ended up winning in 2 sets!

Overall: 2 / 2 Successful: +6.25 units

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