Spartan Tennis Trading Tips Results 5th February

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All profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units.

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Feb 5th: +8.8 units

1. Burgos v Olivo: TIP: Back Burgos @1.8, Lay @1.45

Successful: +2.4 units

2. Brown v Bemelmans: TIP: Back Brown @1.7, Lay @1.3

Successful: +3.05 units

3. Garcia Lopez v Muller: TIP: Back Garcia Lopez @1.94, Lay @1.45

Successful: +3.35 units

Not sure how Garcia Lopez blew his big lead in the first set and ended up losing this match in 2 sets! However the trade was easily successful.

Overall: 3 / 3 Successful: +8.8 units

A perfect day after a slow start to the week!

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