Stats for 25 matches Played Monday

Stats say the following:

Out of the 25 matches, 3 can be ignored as they had retired/non
participants involved!

Also 2 matches I asked to lay was against Serena and Sharapova for
very small amounts.

So Basically we have 20 matches to take the statistics into account.
Out of the 20, 16 have been spot on! That is a decent 80%.

The only back heavy match that was a serious tip which went wrong was
the Kerber
match. The real reason of that completely going in Barthel’s favour
was that Kerber had
picked a back injury and hence the pricing of that market was
completely wrong on betfair
and other bookies including bet365. If of course you traded that
market, you would have lost. However, if you had seen her struggling
due to injury and traded out, well done as you should be proud of
yourself as a trader!

Hence, if you were to take this match as an injury concern as well,
that is 16 matches out

In such a case, the strike rate is 84.2%!

Again a whopping majority percentage!

On top of this, I recommended one of the best tips for today which was
Pella against Fognini!
That market alone should have given you a great profit as his odds was
in the over 3.00 range!

Well done to all who picked on Pella. Watch out for him he’s gonna be big!


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  • Peter Posted February 13, 2013 7:49 pm

    Thanks Patrick for all tradingtips you post. I appriciate it alot. I have not been able to trade every match but still I have made a good profit from thoose I have traded. Thanks again and keep up the good work

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 13, 2013 8:05 pm

      No problem peter I’m delighted to be able to help!

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