Tenis Trading Tips Stats Sunday 14th April – Perfect 100%!!!

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image85215571. Kvitova v Vinci: Successful

2. Robredo v Anderson: Successful (Anderson broke first but since then
it was Robredo who was more aggressive)

3. Almagro v Isner: Successful (Shocking defeat to a rather lazy
looking Almagro here but the strategy worked fine as he indeed broke
Isner first!)

4. Kohli v Belucci: Successful

5. Vasselin v Stakhovsky: Successful

6. Dolgopolov v Tomic: Successful

7. Andujar v Rufin: Successful

8. Kavcic v Montanes: Successful

9. Ramos v Volandri: Successful

10. Malisse v Dmitrov: Successful

Overall : 10 / 10 Successful = A perfect 100 %

That’s right ladies and gents. We did it. The perfect bullseye finally
with at least 10 matches given. The only close one to our losing
strategy was Robredo but he fought back well to win the first set.
Very interestingly every single Monte Carlo match I gave yesterday was
won in 2 sets !

Good luck and hope most of you had success with my tips!

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