Tennis Trading Match Selection Process.

Match selection when Trading Tennis is a crucial skill if you want to be a profitable trader.

When I’m looking for tennis matches I don’t check the main Betfair sports page. Instead I use the following page: and I suggest you also start with looking at this page.  Here you can easily filter the matches by the date and also by the tournaments.

Let’s see now what you have to pay attention to. First of all, if a green tick box appears next to the match, it’s already live. It doesn’t mean you can’t trade on this match; but it’s better if you can see the amount of money matched under the column ‘Volume Matched’ before the match begins. That way you can make sure the particular Betfair market has enough liquidity for trading.

However, also during the match you can judge the liquidity fairly well.

So depending on what trading strategy you’re going to use, the match selection criteria will slightly differ, but this common indicator you always have to pay attention to – liquidity. As I said it will differ whether you use Tennis Scalper, Final Serve, Race Your Profits or ChampWinnings. These are my four main strategies for Tennis Trading and the liquidity varies depending on which strategy you use.

Liquidity is the matched amount of money in the corresponding Betfair market. It’s directly linked to the liquidity of the Betfair market and this in turn translates in how much money is available for matching when you’re placing the bets.

If you trade on matches with poor liquidity you can find yourself in a situation where you can’t close the trade and you’re exposed to a much bigger risk – hence the importance of a good liquidity in a Betfair trading market.

Another factor when selecting the best matches for Tennis Trading is each players odds before a game. All strategies used in Tennis Trading (except Tennis Scalper) demand that the favourite be with in a certain price range. If you operate outside this range, you will only make small profits. By working within the guidelines set out in my Tennis Trading League strategies, you will multiply your profits.

If you choose to ignore liquidity and odds when selecting matches, I can guarantee you will make very little money. I know this because I suffered it! Tennis Trading League offers traders, both beginning and experienced, the simplest, and most effective, match selection criteria. Developed and tested for many years, and consistently improved upon and updated, our match selection criteria will not let you down.

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