Tennis Trading Secrets Part 2 – How Much Can You Make Trading Tennis?

The conversation with my sister’s boyfriend goes something like this:

‘How much money do you make Trading Tennis?’
‘I make a good living Trading Tennis!’
‘Yeah, but what do you mean by ‘good living?’
‘My family and I live comfortably – we have no money worries’
‘Come on tell me! How much do you make?’
‘Ill tell you if you when you tell me how much you earn!’

If that person is willing to share that information with me, I’ll tell them the truth. Up to now, I’ve never published any information on my earnings – I didn’t really want the wife to find out!!

The truth is that tennis is now the third biggest sport in terms of sheer volumes of money bet every day – the other two, of course, being horse racing and football.

Millions of pounds is traded on tennis on Betfair every day. I only want a tiny percentage of this. I only need to make £100 a day to survive. £100 is easy. And it’s more than I used to get in my old job! Successful trades using my strategies make between £10 and £60 per trade (depending on stake size). This can happen many times over in one match. A match lasts 2 hours. I average around £60 per match, around £20 per trade. But I dont have to look at the full two hours of a match. This £60 is usually made on the first set, so in reality it takes about 30-45 minutes and I’m on to the next match. Do this 3 times a day and you’re well up. Not every match qualifies so it’s not possible to do it on all matches, but there are matches every day that meet the criteria – you just need to know what the criteria are!

I’ve often made £150 – £200 in a match, and it’s happened more often recently because tennis matches, especially the men’s game, have never been so hotly contested, and close games with many break points and upsets is really how we make our money. It’s what trading is all about – fluctuations in prices.

And to be completely honest, on occasions, I haven’t made a penny on a match! But I didn’t lose much money – and that’s a massive part of my strategies. Even when you’re learning, if you just copy what I do in the videos on Tennis Trading League, you will lose a small percentage at worst! Maximizing profits and minimizing losses is what Tennis Trading League is all about.

Look at the videos, copy what I do, make money! It really is that simple. If you don’t make money, I’ll give you your money back.

So now you have your answer (if you so some simple calculations), but don’t tell the wife! She has enough shoes…..

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