Tennis Trading Stats 18th July 2013

1. Vasselin v Viola: Successful early on (Vasselin lost this in 2 but
he was definitely the better starter)

2. Tipsarevic v Bemelmans: Successful

3. Falla v Ebden: Successful

4. Johansson v Gamiz: Successful

5. Monaco v Paire: Successful

6. Granollers v Fognini: Successful

7. Janowicz v Verdasco : Successful

8. Delbonis v Tursunov: Unsuccessful

9. Lopez v Mayer: Successful

10. Rus v Candela: Unsuccessful (I’ll make this unsuccessful
eventhough Candela won the first set as she had to twice fight back
from a break to win the first set)

11. Meusberger v Begu: Unsuccessful

12. Svitolina v Scheepers: Unsuccessful (Again same scenario here as
Svitolina had to fight back from breaks to win the first set. Unlucky
for us!)

Overall: 8 / 12 Successful. Another close to 70%

Not a bad day at all as it’s worth noting some of the unsuccessful
strategies had first set winners who I had tipped in favour of. Also
the key highlight without a question was the FALLA tip I had stressed
on to be successful. Indeed it was successful rather easily.

That one tip alone would have made you 60% of your stake today. Well
done to all those who pounced on Falla!

Good luck for later..

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