Tennis Trading Stats for Week Ending 17/02/13

Stats for last’s weeks tournaments (Rotterdam,Brazil,Qatar,Bionaire, SAP)

Stats for 13/2 = 14/17 = 82 %

Stats for 14/2 = 12/18 = 66%

Stats for 15/2 = 14/18 (including Nadal match) = 77%

Stats for 16/2 = 6/8 = 75%

Stats for Finals day as follows:

Total matches predicted: 5

Rotterdam:      Del PotrovsBenneteau: Successful (as Del Potro got broken early)

Brazil :             NadalvsNalbandian : Successful(as waiting out the first set and laying

Nadal would have worked as his odds shot up back to 1.6 range from 1.2)

Qatar:                Serena vsAzarenka: Successful : Safer strategy of waiting out the first set


Bionaire:            VecinovsCastano: Successful : Exactly as predicted!

SAP Open:         Haas vsRaonic: Unsuccessful: This match never went to Haas as he looked completely outplayed. Even after waiting out the first set you couldn’t lay Raonic as his serve stats were far superior to Haas.

That’s 4/5 for the finals day which is exactly 80% strike rate!

Average of the above strike rates including the final is around 76%. That is very decent as the total matches taken into consideration is  66Matches!!! I gave you the right strategies for 50 out of 66!!

Keep trading with me and make it count!

Good luck!

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