Tennis Trading Stats Monday 22nd April Ito v Brands – Successful

2. Bachinger v Serra – Successful

3. Ungur v Goffin – Successful

4. Troicki v Matosevic – Successful

5. Gulbis v Stepanek – Successful (since its a low stake match)

6. Istomin v Tursunov – Unsuccessful (A bit of a shock here)

7. Berankis v Montanes – Successful (towards the end of the 1st set)

8. Andujar v Zemlja – Unsuccessful (cannot be considered successful
eventhough the tip was right)

9. Cadantu v Babos – Unsuccessful

10. Rus v Torro – Successful (was given as a bold tip for BH)

11. Minella v Pironkova – Cancelled match

12. Castano v Pfinzenmaier – Successful (early on)

13. Peer v Lucic – Unsuccessful

14. Friendsam v Mattek Sands – Successful

Considered Matches: 13 , Successful : 9 / 14 = 65 %

Not the best day but considering all were low stakes, its alright. I
have neglected giving BH tips early on in the tournaments as it can be
risky. Better to be patient and beat the markets!! You can expect some
BH tips from tomorrow I am hoping!

Good luck for today …

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