Tennis Trading Stats Tuesday 12th March

1. Cilic v Raonic: Unsuccessful (Eventhough the tip was successful,
trading wise this was hard to work out as it took a while for Raonic
to start playing good and break Cilic. Hence the strategy was

2. Fish v Tsonga: Successful (Fish had quite a few chances early on
and was definitely the better player at the start, hence strategy

3. Almagro v Haas: Successful easily

Successful : 2 / 3


4. Barthel v Stosur : Unsuccessful (Tip again was right but a lead of
5-2 at one stage in the first set meant, you had to trade this one out

5. Wozniacki v Petrova : Successful (Petrova had so many chances here
to take the first set which she didnt. Strategy was successful hence!)

Successful : 1 / 2


6. Querrey v Matosevic: Successful (Querrey broke early hence was successful!)

7. Errani v Bartoli: Successful (Errani got broken first in this, but
she did have break points early on, meaning you had to give her a
chance for a few more games. Indeed, after a 3-1 lead to Bartoli, this
was a GAME SET MATCH in Errani’s favour as she blew her away!!)

8. Kirilenko v Radwanska : Unsuccessful (Radwanska started with the
first break point and then completely looked disoriented. In the end
this was a good match to trade so if you had traded out early when the
losses were coming, you should have had plenty of opportunities to hop
back in!)

Successful : 2 / 3

Overall: 5 / 8 successful = 62 %

BH = 2 / 3 = 66 %

This wasn’t too bad considering only few matches were given for yesterday.

Good luck for later lads!


  • zicoo Posted March 13, 2013 9:32 am

    why the game Errani v Bartoli you count as a win if the course for Errani was >2.00 and according to the FAQ (or your article when you show your weekly profit) it should close with a loss

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 13, 2013 11:37 am

      Errani was the dominant player without question and if you are
      telling me that one break up means the strategy should fail I
      have to disagree with you! One break in WTA is like John Isner
      hitting one ace in a match! So please look at the whole summary of
      that match. Giving up a break early, Errani stormed to win 5 games in
      a row from 3-1 down and then thoroughly dominated Bartoli! There is no
      way I was going to trade this match out early on.
      Errani is not only a top 10, she is one of the most improved players
      in the WTA circuit in the last few years. Hence the strategy should be

      On the other hand, the Stosur match I could have made a point that
      after the first set Stosur completely blew away Barthel and indeed
      that tip was successful. I didn’t make it successful because Barthel
      was up 5-2 in the first set with a double break up. That situation
      automatically makes the trader to trade out and wait for a better
      opportunity. Indeed there were better opportunities and eventually you
      should have profited in every match yesterday regardless of some of my
      strategies being unsuccessful.

      You are free to google the match summary of the Errani match and you
      will find what the stats show. Errani was the more dominant and indeed
      deserve to win so indeed this match should be a successful one!!

      Please go through all tips of the site if you wish to check how I have
      put the success rates. I compare with a few sites sometimes to
      thoroughly check the match progress before I deem it as successful!
      Still, however, my strike rate for BH is over 90% I believe!

      Thank you for reading…and thanks for the comment

  • zicoo Posted March 13, 2013 12:02 pm

    Of course I agree with you when it comes to the level of players, but I do not agree as to count the income statement. But this is my personal opinion

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