Tennis Trading Stats Tuesday 26th March 2013

1. Ferrer v Nishikori: Unsuccessful (was a one-way traffic from the
start and Nishikori was simply outplayed!)

2. Ramos v Melzer: Unsuccessful (Our tip on Melzer was right but the
strategy failed as he started poorly!)

3. Querrey v Berdych: Successful easily

4. Simon v Tipsarevic: Successful (This actually was successful in the
2nd game of the match as Tipsarevic had the first break point!)

5. Tsonga v Cilic: Successful (A very good match by Cilic as I predicted!)


6. Serena v Li: Successful (Li having 3 break points early on made
this successful!)

Successful: 4 / 6


7. Gasquet v Almagro: Unsuccessful (Sadly I have to put this as
unsuccessful as even though our guy Gasquet won, the first set was
ultimate drama which meant you had to trade out early. Still, as I
pointed out in my replies for comments yesterday, if your money had
been on the player I tipped, you wouldn’t have lost much or
nothing..hope most of you took my word on that!)

Overall: 4 / 7 = 58%

BH: Nil

Hot tip results: Gasquet and Berdych both won!

Overall, it was a strange day again because of the Gasquet match.
Remember, these are all learning curves and once you get through such
hurdles, you are pretty well prepared for future scenarios like these.
So take them as good lessons and we will still keep on winning!

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