Tennis Trading – The 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule is very simple – 80% of your profits are a result of 20% of your actions. The 80/20 rule is very popular in the business world – 80% of profits are often attributed to around 20% of a company’s customers. The other 80% are often smaller, more problematic sustomers. These 80% are the ones who complain and demand too much.

The 80/20 rule has been embraced in all aspects of society, including sports trading, and more specifically, tennis trading.

How can the 80/20 rule be relevant in Tennis Trading?

When I look back through my early Trading History it becomes quite obvious! I spent years refining and developing my trading strategies. I traded blind on any match in any tournament. I couldn’t see the relevance of liquidity or match selection or many other factors. I learned the hard way! For me, it wasn’t all time wasted because I developed Tennis Trading League in the process. But in the beginning, I made only small profits and lost too often. The simple fact was I was too loose (to use a poker term). 80% of my time was wasted in situations where trading profit was unlikely. I used the wrong size stakes, and chose the wrong matches.

What I needed to do, and what I done over time, was to develop selection criteria for tennis matches and tennis tournaments. Over time, I only selected matches of certain liquidity, players at certain odds, the most profitable points in a game and matches that were most likely to bring maximum profits. The points that I found were the all-important 20% that would earn my trading income.

Now, instead of having to watch a full three-hour tennis match, I could trade at certain points meaning only 15 minutes of my time was needed. Now trading on 2/3 tennis matches at a time was easy, and so my profit grew.

I was now in the top 20% of earners on Betfair – I now believe I am now in the top 5% of earners on Betfair in the tennis market. And it’s down to something very simple: I have an advantage over 80% of Betfair users – I can predict market movements and strike at exactly the right time. This is what I offer to you – four easy-to-use strategies which gives you an advantage over other Betfair users. If you’re not sure how Betfair works and why advantage over other users is so important, click here.

You don’t have to waste months and years refining strategies and making losses. You can spend a few days learning my system, copying it, and making profit! 

Like most great things in life, the 80/20 rule is simple but effective. And tennis trading is much the same. A few rules to follow, a few hours to learn, a lot of profit to be made!

Bonus!! From 2013, my TTL 2.0 Video course now comes with free Lifetime membership (worth €149) to my Tips Service!!

Take care,

Patrick Ross.

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