Tennis Trading Tips Federer v Murray Australian Open

Federer vs Murray:

Both federer and murray have looked good so far. Murray especially
hence he is the favourite in this match. The odds are 1.72 on him.
However for me that is simply a bookie price. This match for me should
be a favourite to federer or at least 50/50 chance. Either way Murray
price will jump at some point.

There are 2 strategies you can implement here.

1. Wait for the first set completely and whoever is leading, lay them.
So if Murray wins the first set, lay him and same for federer. This is
because, both players for me will play well and its likely this could
be another 5 setter or maybe 4 setter in federer’s favour!

2. The other strategy is to lay murray straight away as federer will
want to win the first set straightaway and I think its very important
he wins the first. If he doesn’t this match can go in murray’s way in
a 5 setter.

I personally think the safer choice is to wait for the first set to finish.

However if you are going for the second strategy of laying murray
straight away, your profit for a liability of 73 units would be around
30 units.

Application as follows:

Lay murray at the start for 100 at 1.73 (liability 73)..Back murray at
2.5 (I don’t want to go too high on murray as it maybe risky. It’s
very likely his odds will jump to atleast 2.5 at some stage). Do this
for 68 units precisely. Your profit will be around 30 units

Enjoy. This could be a great trading match as well and a very
interesting one. I would pick federer to win this personally!

Well done to all those who followed all my predictions for yesterday.
I was spot on yesterday for the trading part. I did predict a possible
comeback on sharapova in 3 but that didn’t matter as I mentioned to
lay her straightaway which was the right choice as Li not only won in
2 sets but thrashed her 6-2 6-2. If you had followed my advice that
would have been 100 plus units money in your account!

Thanks and good luck for today!

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  • Peter Posted January 24, 2013 8:16 pm

    Thanks again for your tips 🙂 I appriciate you give trading tips here, it helps me in my rookie trading.

  • Patrick Ross Posted January 24, 2013 8:58 pm

    No problem Peter – thanks for your comments. Remember, to get the most out of your trades, check out my tennis trading strategies (click on the banner at the end of any post) to see how you can make even more money in-play…..

  • Peter Posted January 25, 2013 4:11 am

    You are welcome. I have already bought the trading strategies and they look interesting. I havn’t try them yet because the time different. But when the WTA starts in 28jan I will. I’am glad I found this page and you now maybe I can start learning to trade what I like TENNIS 🙂

  • Peter Posted January 25, 2013 5:54 pm

    Nice tip, I used the first strategi and profit nicely 🙂 thanks Patrick

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